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SeungGi’s hudang tendencies, 1n2d 7/11 cuts

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video cuts ***

LSG video cuts from 7/11 1n2d episode:
(video credits: rapport2010leeseunggiworld; DClsg; English translation: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video clip: SeungGi and Mong play charades BokBulBok game

Video clip: Ajumma fashioned SeungGi role plays his mom while bike riding

[geh can man both dog or informal/peer way of referring to someone].

Video clip: Frog-like gag-esque SeungGi jumps rope barefoot

Video clip: SeungGi and JongMin water play instead of the required fishing

Video clip links without Eng subs (read Eng translation below link):

Video clip: SeungGi and Mong play charades BokBulBok game
[STONE] LSG: Stone.
[SUN] LSG: Thunder? Rays? Mosquito. Bug. [Mong does crazy face act]. Ghost! Monster! [Mong sweats it out!] Summer. Sunrise. Sun.
[STREETLAMP] LSG: Moon? Jumbo something? Streetlamp.
[MOON] LSG: [Mong acts out going to sleep] Teletubby? Moon. Sun. Sun. Moon.
[TOOTHPASTE] LSG: Chicken? Brushing your teeth. toothbrush. [Mong gives it all in acting it out] Toothbrush? Mousse. [Mong tries again] It’s not toothbrush. Toothpaste?
[CLEMENTINE] LSG: Banana. monkey. stone? fruit. melon? Banana. zoo? sun. bike. [Mong brings in manager and they act out some strange scene]. Watermelon! Melon. Kiwi. What else is there? orange. Clementine!
[POTATO] LSG: [laughter b/c Mong is at a loss as to how to act it out]. Trash? [Mong acts out roasting by a fire]. Baked sweet potato? Baked potato? Raw potato? Potato.
[CHAIR] LSG: Chair.

Video clip: Ajumma fashioned SeungGi role plays his mom while bike riding
PD: [Referring to SeungGi’s ajumma fashion attire…] Mother, where did SeungGi go that you had to come in his place?
LSG: SeungGi went to film for a show. [Caption: As usual, to block the sunrays, mom costume playing SeungGi!]
LSG: He said he was going to go to OkChun; he should be here somewhere…
PD: Mother, why don’t you brag a bit about SeungGi.
LSG: Good things about SeungGi? There’s really nothing much about him! [inaudible].
PD: You refer to your son as a “geh?” (geh can man both dog or informal/peer way of referring to someone].
LSG: You’re asking if my son is a dog? [laughter b/c seunggi is so hudang!]
PD: You just call your son “geh?!”
LSG: Ah! yes. Geh! [Caption: Unable to hide his hudang tendencies…]

Video clip: Frog-like gag-esque SeungGi jumps rope barefoot
MCM: Hey turn the rope more accurately.
KHD: [LSG] has the face of a talent but his body movement is that of gag! [laughter]
KJM: SeungGi yah, it’s going to be okay.
LSG: How is it that I get so concerned about variety… [laughter].  [All yell Fighting!]
KHD: ok, barefoot jumprope!
KJM: You have to look carefully at the ground while jumping, ok? there are some sharp stones.
LSG: There are some sharp ones! It’s like sitting straight up! [laughter]. Go slow. no, this way. ok, here I go. [the guys start counting 1, 2, and then start cracking up at how LSG is jumping up and down! Caption: Frog?]

Video clip:  SeungGi and JongMin water play instead of the required fishing
LSG: Hyung, how about we just splash around in the water (instead of fishing)?
LSG: [After a bit of splashing LSG clothes are all wet]. Aigo, they’ll be able to see everything! If my clothes get completely wet, you can see everything inside!
KJM: Ah, you’re right! I can see through them! [so KJM splashes LSG more!]
LSG: I said it’s totally see through! it’s see through!
[LSG and KJM proceed to splash around! Caption: Ah, who cares!]

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7 Responses

  1. thanks for subbing part of the show…i’ve enjoyed it a bunch…

  2. Hey ann

    the videos w sub are up

    thank you for the translation and
    leeseunggiworld thank you for the videos

  3. thx SeungGi fan rapport2010 and leeseunggiworld!
    you guys are jjang!

  4. thanks Ann, lsgworld, rapport for the subbed videos!!!
    the charade game was definitely much funnier with subs! cant stop laughing!

    n i agree with hodong! Lsgi’s body movement is a gag! i remember his chicken spin or whatever you call it i cant quite remember caused me laughing so hard too.

    this episode felt kinda boring at times honestly, i think more because of the editting though. i dont think any song was played at the background except when the guys wake up. so it felt sooo quiet unlike usual where i really enjoyed the music used. yeah i know its bcoz of the strike. anyway, i love the charade game, but one thing, the pds really starting to settle in their comfort zone right now. their ideas were not so exciting anymore. i didnt quite like the make up mission. i didnt really get the game actually. n the egg mission wont be that funny if the guys were not so protective of it & trying to get at their opponent. btw, i’m starting to enjoy KJM’s presence from this episode. he’s still his quietself n still not doing much. but i love watching Seunggi n Mong trying to bond with him to make the YB team works. love the scene with Sgi & KJM splashing water towards each other. n when KJM went to the OB team’s tent to get their eggs, he got beaten up by them. its funny. n they definitely starting to bond more now n thats what i love watching about 1n2d the most, their interaction with each other. even in the next morning, KJM actually started to speak more.

  5. can i ask what is ‘hudang’ means?

    thanks.. ;)

    • it means helpless, but sort of in an affectionate way. like you expect the person to be perfect but then you find that they’re sort of not-so-perfect, in a clumsy-like in a cute way. sort of like the cute girl that’s clumsy and always tripping! (a common trait among us korean girls!) ha ha ha.

      a lot of seunggi’s popularity originally is based on that image. and a lot of other celebs have described themselves in the same way.

      KimC gave Seunggi that name. you can see that clip in the 1n2d cut link above under past posts. it’s not subbed but it has the Eng translations. ^___^

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