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Push-up LSG or Ballerino LSG, 1n2d 5/9 cuts

Video clip: Push-Up SeungGi or Ballerino SeungGi?
Punishment for losing Bokbulbok game, LSG prepares to be drenched in cold water. The other guys are impressed by LSG’s readiness and willingess to take the plunge!

Video clip: LSG still smiling even after cold waterdown
KHD: Do you feel refreshed?
LSG: Yes, very much!
MCM: Give us more towels! (Awww Mong!)
LSG: I think I can go on without sleeping for 3 nights and 4 days!

Video clip: LSG and KHD’s overly ambitious travel plans
Led by KHD’s idea, the guys basically plan a travel route around stopping at as many places as they can to eat as many different foods as they can! Pretty unrealistic and not so good for your digestive system! Understandable why they got last place! :)

Video clip: LSG totally stumped by quiz for the first time!
LSG: Gosh, I didn’t really read children’s fairy tales that much.
KHD: Sit Down. Lee Seung Gi, let’s see how far we can go.
KHD: Okay, Chae Suh Hee?
[LSG gives puzzled look; doesn’t know the answer].
KHD: Sul Gah Chee?
LSG: Huh?
EJW: You don’t know this?
[Everyone throws out clues to LSG and LSG answers incorrectly. Even MCM can’t believe this! ha ha ha!].
LSG: Omg, I’m going to go crazy [while laughing]!
[Screen caption: This type of sincere expression is exactly Seung Gi’s charm] :)

Video clip: LSG and KHD preview cut for the next episode
Looks like the guys are going to suffer a lot, especially since they placed last in the travel plan contest and got no money!
[KHD plays the part of tempermental kid and LSG tries to comfort him].
KHD: Hyung nim ah, when is mom going to return?
LSG: She’s coming soon. Just wait, okay!
KHD: Hyung nim ah, I’m starving!
LSG: Me too, I’m hungry too!
** If clip doesn’t show up, see it directly HERE **

(video credits: tryp96; DClsg)

Some screen caps from the cold waterdown punishment :(

Cute gifs

(photo/gif credits: As labeled; naver blog; tryp96 @soompi)

Thx again tryp96 for letting me post your DClsg uploads here!!!!

See 승기린’s naver blog (pppkkkj) for a gazillion more screen caps!

See cuts from previous ep: On the Road to Vacation with SeungGi and 1n2d

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