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On the Road to Vacation with SeungGi and 1n2d

Yay, 1n2d was finally back on tv again!  We missed you guys!  These Korean Route episodes were filmed back in mid March… it seems like so long ago when all those 1n2d Behind-the-Scenes fan photos came out!

Here’s a fanmade video with Seunggi pix from the 1n2d Korean Route episode 1 a few weeks back, perfectly set to LSG’s song “On the Road to Vacation” (live version).  Wish I could travel with these guys!

(cr: leeseunggi01)

And here’s the photo that Hodong took, shown on today’s 1n2d episode…

(cr: KBS)

If you guys haven’t seen today’s ep yet, PD Na challenged Hodong to upload this pic to the KBS website within 30 minutes… which of course he came close, but failed! Scene was funny b/c Seunggi and Kim C were telling him specific directions, but he still messed up! Guess his faxing skills are better than his uploading skills! :)

KBS 1n2d website’s “My 1n2d” page allows fans to post photos from their own trips.  See the original photo at KBS My 1n2d; it’s the first entry right underneath this picture of Seunggi on that page:

Video clip: LSG doesn’t know Dorothy! Next week’s preview…

Video clip: LSG gets up for the morning mission…

Video clip: LSG checks the direction of the wind…

Omg, this was too funny!  the guys really have become camping experts!  PD Na was so shocked that the guys accomplished the mission of getting the tent up in the given amount of time!  Aw, poor Seunggi…

(cr: DClsg)

Video clip: LSG and the tent and being saved by MC Mong…

(LSG cut video credits: DClsg; tryp96)

What is it about LSG and MC Mong together that everyone just can’t help but to love???!!!  The two of them together is just too cute!  And seems like their sleeping bags are usually put side by side (see below)… I think the PDs and staff know how much fans love MC Mong-Seunggi together!  Also maybe b/c they both can’t stand the other guys snoring! :)

Seunggi and Kolon Sport really are a perfect match.  Kolon must be loving all the Seunggi with camping gear on 1n2d… very reminiscent of their recent Seunggi-MinJung ad events!  Nice Kolon Sport outfits too on LSG… the buttons are cute! :)

(screen captures: DClsg)

Hopefully someone will post the clip of the screaming fangirls and the LSG hugs…  that was too cute!!!!  Remember this fan account from that filming?  Still funny how everyone always mentions how his head is really small in person and that such eyes, nose, and lips can all fit on such a small face!! :)  Also reminded me of the infamous LSG hug cut from the Viewers trip!

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