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Thanks for still visiting even though I don’t have time to post as much this year!

Thanks to Korean DCLSG for all the news.  Special shout out to Leeseunggiworld and Tryp96 for their regular updates, Rapport2010 and Beedance07 for subbing LSGfan’s English translations.  Thanks to Leeseunggi01 for all the video uploads and Soompi Lee Seung Gi for posting and sharing scoop from long time ago.

Lastly, thanks to all the readers of LSGfan, especially the regular fans who comment!  Your awesome thoughts and love for Seunggi add so much, making other readers (including me and the silent lurkers!) totally LOL, smile, and spazz like crazy!


61 Responses

  1. I’m also from soompi and have started a LSG blog a few months ago. But I rarely up-date it, only put some stuffs I like there^^
    When I heard you started a new LSG blog, I am here and totally amazed by the effort you’ve made. It’s obviously so good, trust me, I find many things which r not in soompi. Anyway, nice to know ur blog!

  2. hiya~~i saw this link from soompi so just decided to come in and have a look~~that’s so many things here~~keep up with the good job~~if you don’t mind, you can visit mine too though it is just a personal blog~~

  3. It’s really nice to visit you blog…it’s awesome.You’re really dedicated fans. I always saw your posting in Soompi and always following your posted about Seung Gi..Many a million thanks ,because of you I knew more about him.

  4. hmm..just thinking shud drop something here..as one of LSG thread soompiers (not that active..hu3x..)…i love when you mentioned LSG thread soompiers….keep it up…i wish i could have time to help you in updating anything but with my daily work, i just could give my support…FIGHTING for LSG!!!!

  5. hi Ann
    Your blog is so amazing. You must be putting a lot of effort in this blog. Since I find your blog I’m always checking on it everyday. Thank you for always update EVERYTHING about LSG.

    FIGHTING Ann & LSG :)

  6. this is a great blog! Thanks for all new updates!

  7. how do you do?nice blog….thanks for always update about LSG.

  8. Hey, thanks so much for all these news on LSG! (: but anyway, i was wondering if there is any official subbing team of his on youtube?

    • not sure. don’t think so. i think Huhdanggi@soompi is trying to get one started if you’re interested. you can find her on the LSG thread. there used to be one for strong heart but then SBS deleted their account.

      • oh. thanks so much for this reply. (: ’cause i was really wondering where to find subbed videos of him. it’s pretty difficult to find them on youtube, esp when a lot of accounts are getting suspended.

  9. Hi Ann,

    your blog is so amazing…
    It really suits me whom wanna know more about Seung Gi
    keep up ur good work and awaiting for Seung Gi news update

  10. Hello
    We are from AirenIndonesia
    Hmm we have a twitter account @FromAirenIndo
    It’s a fanbase for SeungGi’s fans in Indonesia

    Btw we have a plan to trend something for celebrating Seung Gi’s 6years debut
    Maybe it will use a hashtag #SeungGi6thAnniv
    But we haven’t decided whether to trend it on June 4 or 5 June..
    Would u like to join us too?and promote it as well in ur blog?
    Thank u so much in advance :D


  11. Oh yea..about when will we trend #SeungGi6thanniv..do u have any idea too?
    Hehee..bcoz we still confuse whether to trend it on June 4 or June 5, but I heard that Cassies will trend something on June 4 for celebrating Yoochun bday..
    So how is it?please share ur idea or do u have any hashtag to trend? Like #SeungGi6yearsDebut or #happy6yearsSeungGi??..thanks :)


  12. Great source of info regarding LSGi here. I really enjoy reading your finding. Good job!!!

  13. thanks a lot for sharing.
    heart your blog so much.

    from Indonesia,

  14. im from the philippnes your blog is great.i hope he will do a drama again cos his a brilliant actor,thanks a lot god bless

  15. can you please share links to download full episode of kang shim jang with english sub?

    thanks a lot for your hardwork.
    keep fighting.

  16. i’m totally newbie in K-thingy world Ann, esp about our dearest Seung Gi and this blog worth a lot for me…i really appreciated your effort for Seung Gi..please keep posting all about Seung Gi.. ^^ V
    Ann, fighting!!

  17. i am really thankful to the founders of this blog.. i am a new Lee Seung Gi-fan and i am able to know all i have to know about him here.. i have know Seung Gi better through this blog.. i owe a lot to you guys.. you are the best! :)

  18. dear guys, a bit ashamed of asking this in a forum, but whatever *rolling eyes*, how is it really to rolled around the soompi and connecting it with our facebook account..thanx for anyone that willing to answer
    ps : Ann, sorry to brought this up on your blog ^^V

    • ayu-chan, i’m not sure about connecting soompi w/ fb.
      but to join in, it’s as simple as u sud register 1st.
      then make some post, i think it’s about 10 posts in any possible thread, and then u can join in LSGi fanclub in soompi.

      welcome in Airen world ^^

      • Dear ashiya ,
        thanks for replying, i had register there and they asked if i wanna connect it w/ my fb account, but i really had no clue where to go after that… ;))
        anyways, i had join the LSG fans club there, so, i’ll meet you guys down there..
        oh and, what kinda post should i posted? becoz everything is pretty much had been posted by others, since im a totally newbie… :D
        thanks again ashiya…keep on supporting Seung Gi!!

  19. dear Ann,im frm malaysia & thanks 2 u coz im gettin’ 2 know LSG deeper & deeper…since i cannot understand korean, ur pages is one of ways 4 me 2 know about him…so kombawa n sarangeo <3..
    always continue ur support 4 him..

  20. You do such a good job, thank you for sharing!

  21. can i share video kamsinjang @my Blog??? with full credit ^^

  22. i’m joining^^

  23. happy birthday to you ~ Enjoy your life and c u at hk soonest~~~

  24. Hi Ann,
    I was searching for LSG + Han Hyo Joo best couple award and was directed here. Good stuff about LSG, here.

    A million thanks for this great effort.

    Cheers :)

  25. hi Ann,

    I’m a new fan from Vietnam. Your blog is awesome with full of yummi informations about our beloved Seung Gi. I can’t wait to go back all your entries!!!

  26. Hello. Where can I watch 1n2d online without signing up? Thanks!.
    Btw, I love your blog. :)

  27. hi seunggi wish you and shin min ah would be together you belong i love you two please forgive me im a big fan please i will die if you wont please:) plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  28. Hi!!!

    I have been surreptitiously lurking on your site for i think 2 weeks now. Yes, I am a new fan after watching Gumiho just a few weeks ago. Oh my, I didnt know that LSG is such a big star in Korea. I mean how does he compare with the rest of the actors? He has not done a single movie yet he is such a star, wow!!

    And because I am a new fan, I have been sniffing around where I can see more of him. I recently discovered !N 2D and it is hilarious!! Too many times I have tears streaming down my face laughing my butt off from the boys’ antics. And i discovered that I do love LSG here more, in his natural element having fun playing around with his big brothers. I also like his looks here even better than when he’s all dolled up for an event or a shoot.

    I do do love the show and I have been downloading like crazy all the english subbed episodes I can on youtube. Sadly, some files cannot be found or taken down so I have watch half episodes not knowing how it turned out. Such is my addiction to it that I can hardly let a day go by without watching some episodes and busting a gut from laughing. Next to LSG, I do love Suegun, that dude is funny!!! I have died a thousand times from laughing just looking at his face!!! and his famous 1 liners.

    I saw a youtube clip where LSG was dying from laughing, i think it will be shown on the next episode I am not sure. The three of them, Hodong, Sugeun and LSG were all down on the mat about to sleep and then there’s that conversation between the two hyungs that sent LSG laughing so hard, it was so cute and made me smile and laugh a lot though I have no idea at all what they were talking about! Can you translate that conversation for me please I am dying to know!!!

    I go to your blog for every update and thanks so much for the links (though not all worked for me, hehehe i need to buy me a new laptop!) and for all the HD pics and gifs. I cannot properly download your embedded vids here so i end up with a lot of frustration lately. But thanks to your transalations, I can understand some of the videos posted that has no subs. And I appreciate the recaps and the focus on LSG. I agree wholeheartedly about the dressing up, and the haircut. I wish they would get your opinion because you sure know how to describe his get ups, I can never describe them like you do.

    Question though, would you know where I can buy a dvd english subbed of 1 night 2 days? At least just starting when LSG came on board. I am a lot desperate, i have run out of episodes to download. The other posts dont have subs so it can be really frustrating.

    I am sorry for such a long letter but I truly hope to receive an answer from you.

    Again, sorry for being such a bother. I do not mean to impose, hope you understand what a new fangirl I am. hahaha.


    • Wow Sam!~ you have really become a LSG fangirl! :) Yeah me too, I first knew him through Brilliant Legacy but 1N2D really made me like him a ton more! I watched every single ep from when Seunggi started. And watch eps repeatedly! Totally a de-stresser!

      Yeah he’s a huge star in Korea, in a super treasured like beloved way. the kind of stardom that most K-celebs really covet! K-stars can be super popular outside of Korea but not equally beloved in their own home country; and they’ll all say that being loved at home first and foremost is most meaningful (not that being loved abroad is bad; it’s just a different image/feel when you don’t have that equal amount of love at home).

      As for English DVD of 1n2d~ omg, if they had that, I would totally buy it, even if it was like hundreds of dollars! And I think lots of fans would. I still haven’t downloaded one single 1n2d ep. I only stream. Due to piracy, doubt KBS would do an ENG dvd since they probably wouldn’t make a big profit that way. I heard there’s a Japanese 1n2d dvd set coming out! wahhh~ the japanese always get first dibs! probably because there’s guaranteed money to be made there!

      As for translating videos and subbing~ Sorry, but I don’t really do that (as well as blogging) regularly anymore. I decided at the beginning of this year that I wouldn’t be posting as much because I’m super busy this year. I still follow LSG news but don’t have time to blog regularly. I get to a few videos when I have time or when I love a certain clip. KBS world does 1n2d in Eng so I don’t do that much.

      by the way, I love long comments when they are super fun to read and awesome! like yours. There are a few others here who comment regularly here, and I totally treasure their comments! Welcome to LSG fangirling! :)

      • Hi!!

        Thanks so much for that fast reply. I thought you are Korean too that’s why I asked for a translation, sorry! But you should see that youtube clip i really keep on laughing though I do not understand a word. LSG looked like he was crying already from laughing too hard most likely at Sugeun who is my next favorite in the show.

        The title is Seunggi dying of laughter. Very apt title but I am the one dying to know what they are laughing about! Seriously, I am obsessing about it for 2 days now!!

        the one who uploaded it said it was during the July 17 episode but from the recaps I couldn’t find it. Oh Im dying to know what made LSG laugh that hard!!!

        By the way I have tried downloading from fansub wordpress from media fire but after downloading I cannot seem to open the file, waaahhh!! what to do? I hate to be such a bother but can you help me how to do this? Megaupload requires membership for large files more than 1GB. oh huhuh, help please.

        Again thanks so much for the reply and offering help for helpless fan like me.

        By the way what’s up with LSG’s haircut? he looked about 10 years old with uneven bangs. But he’s just so adorable and so unintentionally sexy everything about him just makes up for that. It bugs me sometimes though because he looks a little crazy especially with all the weird things they make them do in the show.hahaha.

        i think i love it more when he dresses up himself at !N2D than during events which is quite unfortunate. Please do write a letter to Cody hahah. Give me a link when you do and I will support you.

        I am still going through your blog, I love, love it!!!

        Please do look up that youtube clip, you wont be able to help but smile along.


  29. Hi, Ann, I’m another one of new fan of Seung Gi. :) I’ve been stalking his news for 1 month now, and there’s still so many I don’t know bout him. But day by day I discover more about him, the more I love him. :P

    By the way, I really want to ask for your help as one of Seung Gi fan, I’ve been listening to all his album, and desperately searching for his lyrics in English translation. I found it, but not all, can you please tell me where I can find them? I try at jpopasia, and it really help, but still, there’s some lyrics missing, especially for Seung Gi 1st album, 2nd album, both of his remake album, also 3rd album (just the translation, I found all the romanization :) ).

    Sorry for bothering you, hope you can help me! :)

    • Isn’t it SO much fun once you discover Seunggi? There’s so much stuff to watch and read since he has has so many popular dramas, shows, and songs, etc!

      Unfortunately, I don’t follow his older songs that closely. The only album I listened to regularly was his recent album “Shadow.” You should ask Natt (leeseunggiworld) or Tryp (tryp96) – they usually know EVERYTHING about Seunggi! :)

      • Yes, so much fun discovering more and more about Seung Gi! I watch his drama (Gumiho and BL) over and over and never get bored, because I got to see him there, LOL! I also enjoy watching 1N2D too, although I don’t really watch strong heart, hehe. And all of his songs are just so lovely!

        I already ask Tryp, and she says she don’t have English translation of Seung Gi’s songs, she only have Chinese, although I understand Chinese, I prefer English translation, hee. Maybe I’ll ask Natt then, I haven’t ask her (or him?), thanks for the tip, Ann!:)

        Let’s go fangirling bout Seung Gi! Hehehe~ :P

  30. Hi there… I am ata, honestly i would like to do this for long time since i write something on my blog but i’ve been so busy but i personaly owe you something ….

    I read from inet about “Letters From Angels” project by Cho Sei Hon, my eyes can’t go far from Baby Minjun so am looking for the translate of the article your blog is one of them…

    So i start to write little thing about Lee Seung Gi and Baby Minjun i were taken from your blog, I also put your name on below post as address where i took my pic . So this is my permition request by taking your pic and your translate….

    If only you feel bother with my post kindly let me know, so i would do my next move to delete it :( …. But I do pray that you don’t mind with that .

    here is my link : http://ttomannayo.tumblr.com/page/4

    Thank you

    • Hi Ata~ No prob for re-posting. Very sweet to let me know. Looks like you’re a big Minah fan… I really miss the Hoi Couple. Hope Seunggi and Minah get a chance to meet up as friends again.

  31. hi,,I m not a korean citizen…l like watching korean dramas to the core … and can u temme where i can watch strong heart episode with english subtitles that is episode 37 and 38 ??? or can u pls summarise it with 2 or 3 paragraph if u find time?? i have been searching for it for 3 days …only one subpart is in UTUBE..viki has removed the files with eng sub:(:( kamsamitha in advance!!!!!!!:)

    • Can’t help you out but I don’t watch with eng subs. so if you can’t find the vids, I probably can’t either. I don’t have much time to post stuff regularly anymore so I usually only selectively translate stuff and post. hope you find what you’re looking for somewhere online…

  32. Hi, just want to drop a note to say thanks. Those TK2H recaps are so great and beautifully done ! It’s mind blowing to me the time and effort you spent on your website. it’s amazing what a treasure trove you have here, that every time I can find interesting nuggets of old news of him. Once again thanks !

  33. Hi Ann,

    I was wondering if you could help me. If I am correct, I believe that you live in NYC. I have been wanting to go to NYC for the holidays and found really cheap tickets. However, my fiancé is concerned about its state since Sandy and the last big storm passed there recently. Is it possible for you to let me know how bad it is over there? If you could advise me in any way, I would be ever so appreciative. And not to sound pushy cause I know you are very busy, but if you could respond back soon I would really get down on my knees and thank you ( i’ll do it anyway) since I don’t know how long this flight will be available. My email is k_dtran@yahoo.com. You can respond here or at my email. Sorry about leaving the message here. I didn’t know how else to reach you. Once again, thank you so much!!!!!!!

    • Hi there! You should book the tix for sure! Hope the flight is still available. NYC/Manhattan was hit by Sandy from 40th street down in terms of electricity/power. and most of those places have power. and the flooding was in mostly lower part of the city. so while the pictures of nyc during sandy were pretty bad on the news, and people/places are still recovering, it did not affect all of the city. If your hotel is in midtown and above, should be no probs.

      nyc is beautiful and romantic!!! during this cold fall season, so hope you and your fiance get to make the trip!!

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the quick response!!!!!!. I just booked our flights. Can you believe that I found tickets for only $150 rt nonstop? I am sooo excited!!!! It can’t wait to see the city in all it’s holiday glory!! It’s our Christmas gift to each other so I hope the weather doesn’t go crazy on us( light snow would be nice but no blizzard please) Anyway, I bow to you and thank you for your help. Now to plan where to stay and eat while we’re there:-) Any eating suggestions? ( you don’t have to respond if you don’t want to )

  34. Hi Ann, thank you for all the posts. I enjoyed reading your blog very much. I just did this yesterday. I like you to have it. =)
    Thank you for your translations.

  35. Just a question, does Seung gi know of this blog?

    • Hi there~ Really enjoyed reading your comments on the older posts. :) I highly doubt Seunggi knows about this blog! :) But I’m kinda a weird fan… I’m not interested in Airen fan stuff. And I don’t have as much time to blog like before. I just really admire him to the max as a celeb and a person, and believe others should be inspired by him too! And I feel even more strongly about that every time Hook Ent (his management) is incompetent!!!!

  36. Hi there,

    I work in the marketing department for DRAMAFEVER and we recently completed an actor vs. actor video featuring Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Ah In that we felt would be appropriate for your page.


  37. Hello, I made WeMap CF subbed video based on your translation. May I upload it to my vimeo account? I properly credit the translation in the video. And if it’s okay, may I use your translation for other video and upload it too?

    • On second thought, maybe on other video hosting site, not vimeo.

    • Hi Anonymous, I wish I read your comment sooner, because I subbed these CF too, and share at soompi, forgive me.

      @LSGfan I feel guilty, I don’t know we have to ask permission before using your translation, I used your Wemap CF and KB translation to make sub and share @soompi, of course credited for you, don’t mad at me. Sorry again.

      • Forgot to thanks for your hard works, I followed your blog for long time and love you translation as well as your opinions. I rarely comment but I’m always thankful to you :)

      • omg no need to feel bad or guilty~ I think people ask to use, just out of courtesy. I never said people had to ask permission :)

        But before, when me and others had more time, we only had one group/person subbing my translations, just so there weren’t multiple people doing the same work :)

      • Thank you for your understanding.
        Because no one subs SG videos, so I made for myself in my free time. But now look like the anonymous fan will sub his videos from now on, I think I can stop and enjoy her work, I’m lazy type of person :)

  38. thanks for upload!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you keep your hard work. We all be there to support you.

  39. Hi, i’m new here, i need someone who knows lee seung gi to inform me something please:
    1. Is He still famous in korea? i heard netizen korea had criticism him because he take the role as MC in produce 48?
    2. Nowdays, he skill in variety show going bad, many people criticism him cause he always talking he should not do, and his ability in soccer going bad

    i don’t know how news in korea, can you tell me please?

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