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LSG at 24 and in the kitchen, 1n2d 6/6 cuts

LSG video cuts from 6/6 1n2d episode:
[Read English translation below the clips]

Video clip: SeungGi at 24 versus his hyungs at 24?

[SeungGi had piled on a lot of his home-made rice on KimC’s bowl]
SOOG: KimC hyung is not eating his rice Seunggi-ya.
EJW: KimC hyung usually doesn’t eat rice much.
LSG: That’s right. You like to eat a lot of dishes Hyung.
KHD: That amount Seunggi-ya, even for me that’s too much!
[laughter. Caption: But still, a thoughful Seunggi.]
KIMC: Seunggi, you’re 25 right?
LSG: No, 24 (he’s actually 23 in American age).
KIMC: 24? At 24, what do you think these guys were like?
EJW: [to Seunggi] At 24, [EJW] hyung stayed up all night for 3 days and just played around! [laughter].
MCM: [to Seunggi] at 24, [MCM] hyung was a person with bad (financial) credit! Really!
LSG: Really?
MCM: At 25, it was better!
EJW: Hey, what happened to the [X amount of ] money I gave you?
MCM: I didn’t even acknowledge that! [laughter].
KIMC: At 24, I was walking along the Chung-Ang line. [everyone asks why]… to epxress the woes of society! [laughter].
SOOG: Hyung, are you the Chung-Ang ghost? [laughter].
KHD: Ah. Ha. Ha.
LSG: That was a weird laugh [all the guys imitate KHD!]

Video clip:  Seunggi shows food prepped by his mom

LSG: Hello. In planning on prepping one warm, hearty meal… Root veggies prepared by my mother… and yah… [bulgogi-marinated meat].

Video clip:  SeungGi’s “brilliant” bulgogi

LSG: You said [KimC’s] going to arrive back here in 10 minutes?
PD: Yes.
KHD: Here, work on this.
[As LSG opens up his mom’s prepared meat, Caption: SeungGi’s “brilliant” bulgogi]
LSG: Wow.
SOOG: [after LSG feeds him bulgogi] Wow, that’s really tasty!
LSG: It tastes good?
SOOG: It’s tasty Seunggi-yah!
EJW: [I think he’s making dolphin noises since LSG was feeding him!]

Video clip: Chef MC Mong compilments his best pupil, SeungGi

[Caption: Rice made on the stovetop by Seunggi]
LSG: Where’s the rice scooper spoon?
MCM: My best pupil now… now you do a good job at making rice… [laughter]
LSG: Really hyung? That best pupil, do you mean me?
MCM: Of course, definitely.
LSG: Ah. Rice is one thing I can do now! [laughter]
MCM: Now you know exactly how much water to put in now right?
LSG: Yes yes.
SOOG: But, the rice is a little on the watery/moist side…

(video credits: typ96; DClsg;  English subs: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

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  1. thanks for the translation cut…this always bright up my days…

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