[ENG] 2015.2.21 KBS Dong Heng Ep 8 – Seunggi Surprises a Hardworking Dad And His Two Sons

(video: Jessica Jai)

February 21, 2015. Seunggi cut of KBS Dong Heng ‘Lunar New Year Special’ — Seunggi surprises Sangyoon at his rural village middle school on graduation day, and celebrates together over a meal with his father and brother.  Later, he returns to join the volunteers who’ve come together to build a new home for Dad Hongchul and his two sons, and the newborn calves^^

Also, full video of episode 8 “Re-writing the Hope Diary of a Father and Two Sons”

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Seunggi Charms With Omorovicza via Belport Korea #LoveYourSkin #Classy #Trustworthy #PremiumQuality

Sticking with my fave-kinda-weekend stuffs theme~ catching up with friends, drinking lots of coffee, browsing for awesome skincare products… I’m excited about trying out Omorovicza^^ #LSGfan #CatchingUp #MarleyCoffee #Omorovicza

Love the main Omorovicza promo photo~ Thank you for making Seunggi NOT button-up his shirt for once lol. Lovely collar bones are meant to be seen, especially the healthy non-scary clavicle kind!

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2015.1.27 Seunggi at Marley Coffee Opening, Gangnam #Awaiting #WholeFoodsEastCoast

As a coffee lover (and Seunggi fangirl^^), awaiting Whole Foods NYC to stock high quality brand Marley Coffee. Especially since Whole Foods west coast already has it. Great to see Seunggi representing their launch in S. Korea starting last year.

From Jan. 27, 2015. Seunggi looking every bit the lovely, sharp, trustworthy Marley Coffee CF endorsement model at the official grand opening of the Gangnam branch, following S. Korea’s first branch opening in Itaewon. Cody was SO on my good list this day! Let’s keep Seunggi with the classic tailored chic looks that make him shine.

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[ENG] 1.17.2015 MBC News – Fierce Movie Competition, Hwang Jungmin, Lee Seunggi, Ha Jungwoo + Commentary

Read English translation…

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2015.1.8 ‘Love Forecast’ VIP Movie Screening – Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon

Jan. 8, 2015. Love Forecast VIP movie screening photos. They seemed much more relaxed by this time. After a very long day of press screening, interviews, recordings! And we got a wardrobe change. Looks like Seunggi’s sweater is angora material because it’s super fuzzy! It’s nice but I always want a much more fitted, tailored, non-old-school look lol. Chaewon’s sequined dress… interesting. Either way, love these two together. Love Forecast opens in Korea today~ Jan 14th!! #SoExciting

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2015.1.8 ‘Love Forecast’ Press Screening – Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon

Jan. 8, 2015. Love Forecast press screening photos. Can’t believe the movie officially opens in Korea today~ Jan. 14th, one day right after Seunggi’s Jan. 13th birthday!

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[ENG] Lee Seunggi – Moon Chaewon Invite Singles to Love Forecast Screening ‘Campus-ting’ Dating Event

More suited-up Seunggi with Chaewon… both so lovely with an invitation to yet another event, this time related to dating site, Campus-ting. How appropriate~^^ Read English translation…

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