[ENG] 10.3.2016 GFF – MC Lee Seunggi Talks Special Forces Parachute Training, Fan Letters and Calling His Parents

Seunggi talks Special Forces parachute training and military service allowing him the opportunity to conquer and overcome certain things such as fear of heights♡

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[ENG SUB] 10.2.2016 GFF Concert – Lee Seunggi in Singer-Mode for 1979 ‘Only More Yearning’ and ‘I’ll Give You Everything’

Thank you AirenSubs!!! love the crowd subs too^^
This was one of my faves from GFF!! Seunggi is simply ♡.

[ENG SUB] 10.1.2016 GFF Eve Concert – Lee Seunggi’s Special Forces Uniform Airborne Patch is Indeed Real

ENG-subbed Seunggi’s talk/ment♡ at 3:25 ~ 6:25.

Thank you AirenSubs!!!!!

10.3.2016 GFF – Behind-the-Scenes Lee Seunggi Fan Service, Cute Kids, MC Prep… Busy During Girl’s Day Stage

Compilation of Seunggi behind-the-scenes and in-between having to MC…

Fan-service waving to fans. wiping his own podium lol. patting the little girls’ heads and pinching their cheeks awww. studying his note cards. teasing the little girls awwwww again. whoa looking straight into the fancam! having to pay attention to what’s going on on stage. dude, our guy was so busy. he must’ve been so exhaustedㅠㅠㅠ Seunggi is just amazing♡

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[ENG] 10.3.2016 GFF – Special Forces Private First Class Lee Seunggi Smashing Tiles!

Seunggi smashing the tiles! in fine form and so happy afterward♡ (video: 나다빛)

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[ENG SUB] 9.28.2016 GFF Rehearsal – MC Lee Seunggi Addresses Little Kids, Broken Mics, Pizza and… the Army Chief of Staff

Thank you AirenSubs!!!!!

[ENG] 10.2.2016 GFF Concert – Lee Seunggi in Singer-Mode for 1979 ‘Only More Yearning’ and ‘I’ll Give You Everything’

October 2, 2016. Ground Forces Festival Concert (Auditorium).  Seunggi sounds great despite having spent the day before prepping and doing GFF Eve Concert, and having MC’d this day’s morning Opening Ceremony! oh Seunggi

Full cut of Seunggi’s Performances and Ment

(Video: dc ch)

  1. I’ll Give You Everything (screen video montage is really touching)
  2. Ment (at 4:27~ cheers and some Seunggi oppa screeching lol)
  3. Only More Yearning (wow just wow!!!! his live is !!)
  4. Let’s Go On Vacation (not included in video clip)

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