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LSG’s lovable expressions, 1n2d 6/20 cuts

*** UPDATED with screencaps and captions ***

LSG video cuts from 6/20 1n2d episode:
(video credits: tryp96; DClsg)

Video clip: Lovable SeungGi and his many expressions!

[For the morning mission, the guys had to do the charades game based on various types of feeelings. And SooGeun started the guys off and one by one the guys have to act it out based on the previous guy’s charade… and SeungGi as the last person has to figure out the answer. The clip is basically a mashup of SeungGi’s various answers and expressions… hard to translate out of context.  You get the picture.  The CGI-pink-cheeked SeungGi expression was for lovable!  too cute!]

Video clip: SeungGi is scared of snakes?

[This is another mashup of SeungGi clips. Difficult to translate again seeing it out of context. Basically, Hodong had earlier on scared the guys by saying there was a snake on the ground (it was a curvy branch but it looked like a snake!). So when Hodong moves forward and bumps into SeungGi in this clip, SeungGi freaks out and Hodong is like what’s wrong with you?! Then later, SeungGi almost runs into a tree branch and freaks out. Caption: it’s a snake! Fearful Seunggi!]

Aw, looks like SeungGi going to overcome a lot of his fears via Cha Dae Woong! :)

See more LSG cuts from 1n2d episodes:

*** UPDATED with screencaps and captions ***

Young Boy team (KJM, LSG, MCM) vs. Old Boy team (KHD, EJW, LSooG). Mong just always loves to feed maknae SeungGi…

New Young Boy team without Jiwon :( Can they survive?!

And Young Boy team wins round 1 of the rice cooking taste test and the rice expert ajumma gets a personal hug from a happy Seunggi…

And Young Boy team actually goes on to win the whole dinner game! Wow, how beautiful is that shot?! 1n2d PDs’ creativity always amazes me!

Based on Seunggi’s expression, the food must’ve been really good…

Next morning wake up for morning mission. Hilarious how the PDs always make the guys sleep like sardines in a can! Poor guys, having to sleep on the floor and with no privacy or space every other week! But they all probably know that 1n2d fans totally love these cute scenes! :) Just love these guys!

Morning mission of charades… love that blue color on Seunggi!

LSG: Lovable? [He gets the answer right!]

And sporting a pretty green Kolon jacket with tattered beige cap later in the morning… like the color and style combo!

Seunggi’s habit…

Goodbye greeting from the 1n2d guys: Come visit Jeon Nam Hwa Soon!

And for MCM-LSG fans… Mong saying sorry to Seunggi for messing up the egg cooking part of the dinner game. Awww…..

See more of these screencaps and gifs at this Naverblog and Daum blog

2 Responses

  1. just luv these guys! 1n2d Fighting! and seunggiyah ur toooo adorable!

  2. omg…my heart..
    aaa I love Mongie-Seunggi couple
    and is it just cuz of my comp..why I can’t watch Daily clip…upload it in youtube plz

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