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PD Park brings lunch for Seunggi @Gumiho set


Seunggi’s tweet:  Photos! SBS variety’s best team, Kang Shim Jang team, came to visit the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho filming! ke. Together with a sincerely prepared lunch^^

But it looks like PD Park also had some other reasons for visiting the set…

Seunggi also uploaded two photos of the Gumiho production staff together with the Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart) production team, and being such the sweet guy, referred to the Strong Heart female writers as beauties! and you wonder why all the girls can’t help but to adore him?!  And too funny, how he called out PD Park…

Seunggi’s tweet: The warm-hearted Kang Shim Jang team!  Thank you so much. PD Park Sang Hyuk~ and the beautiful army of women writers! Together with the cheering sense-making lunch^^ And the giggling. The happy giggling of getting to see MiHo sshi… Arriving exactly right before MiHo started filming… wonder why~?? ke ke.

I’m so glad Seunggi always has so many people cheering and rooting for him!  How could you not?  Aside from his fans, I love that he has the Strong Heart PD and staff and also 1n2d PD, staff and his hyungs who are always supporting him.  Ahh, the sincere love for Seunggi… from his fans (of all ages and both guys and girls) and people in the industry… definitely something rare in the kpop world, as well as highly coveted! :)

PD Park’s tweet: Today we went to the filming site of Seunggi’s new drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It was a great to see both actor Seunggi’s refreshing nature and MinAh’s goddess-like quailities.  Daebak!! My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

I’m so loving PD Park! We know how much he just loves our Seunggi! :)

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3 Responses

  1. PD Park is just so cute. i love him the moment he said he registered on Sgi’s fanclub =D
    Sgi is really such a lucky boy, loved by everyone around him
    how could anyone not, when u have such a sweet, well mannered boy, hardworking n so dedicated n always down-to-earth..

    anyway, i’m so anticipating MGIG special on SH. if it will air after the release of the OST, i hope to hear Seunggi sings it live some bits of it.

    thanks Ann, for all the updates

  2. agree w/ fiey
    i’m anticipating this drama more and more!
    hope MGIG will be another great drama! =D

  3. i am really sad and worry now..
    MGIG is only 16 ep??
    it will be more worrying and releasing bad article..
    16 ep is short~!!!
    KING OF B… rating is over 34% now..
    such making me worsing worrying..
    i hope seung won’t get stress.. because MGIG ep. is short..
    i felt inconvient..;;i wanna watch more ep of seung gi!!!

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