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Model student Lee SeungGi, 1n2d 5/23 cuts

LSG video cuts from 5/23 1n2d episode:
[Read English translation below the clips]

Video clip:  Model student LSG acts (reacts) to solving a problem

[Per the day’s theme, the 1n2d guys wore school uniforms and KHD is introducing each of the guys.  JiWon and Mong just entered set to some funny “Ahhh” music and LSG is about to make his entrance.]
KHD: Class president five years ago. Vice president six year ago…
LSG: Wait wait. Give me that same music too. I’ll act it out as I enter…
KHD: Ok, this generation’s uhm-chin-ah… Lee Seung Gi.
[Caption: The studying uhm-chin-ah]
LSG: [Music plays, and looking like he’s studying, LSG dramatically acts out…] Ahhhh!
[The guys crack up and give him the thumbs up! Afterwards, not in the clip, some of the guys seem confused as to what he’s doing and LSG explains, I’m studying and then all of a sudden I get the answer and so I go “Ahhhh!”]

ha ha ha ha. Model student, uhm-chin-ah SeungGi being his usual, charming self while totally cracking everyone up, without even breaking a sweat!

Video clip:  LSG wants to see if MC Mong is  wearing his ring?

[KHD points to JiWon’s ring. All the guys congratulate his recent marriage. Caption: Envious Mong (referring to his recent breakup w/ girlfriend).]
KHD: Just go around wearing a ring… It’s actually uncomfortable.
LSG: KHD Hyung, you really aren’t wearing a ring…
[and then totally cute moment, LSG tugs at Mong’s arm to see if he has ring on…]
MCM: Why are you looking at my hand dude?
EJW: You already took [the ring] off?
MCM: My finger hurt so I sold it! [laughter!]

Congrats to JiWon!  Looks like being a newlywed has been good to him!  And LSG and Mong are just too cute here; LSG really seems like a true maknae when he jokes around with Mong, and Mong like his real hyung when they act like this!  And btw, Mong’s x-girlfirend, Joo Ah Min was like the #1 searched topic all night after 1n2d broadcast!  She should seriously be thanking our Mong for getting her name out there!

Video clip:  Who is the first celeb to graduate from LSG’s school?

[Before this clip, the guys talk about where they went to school and Mong says that famed producer JYP and actor Choi Soo Jung graduated from his school.]
KHD: So, Lee Seung Gi, who are the famous people to come out of your school?
LSG: Uh, I’m the first one (but he uses a very formal term for “first”).
[laughter]. I’m the very first that became popular.
KHD: Uh, what do you mean by that?
LSG: I’m the first one to appear on tv.
KHD: Usually, we use [the formal term for] first to refer to presidents…
LSG: No, no, no. That’s not what I meant. [bowing to the camera] I apologize. [laughter]

Video clip:  LSG wants to know why overnight trips are to be celebrated

KHD: Everyone, congrats to Eun Ji Won. It’s his first overnight trip after getting married!
LSG: [addressing KHD], but why do you always like overnight trips so much and always have to celebrate them?  [laughter. KHD looks stunned]
KHD: Huh?
LSG: Whenever we film…
KHD: [cuts him off] Ok, try it out! Try it out! When it’s your time, you’ll understand!  [laughter, especially from EJW.]

Video clip:  LSG shows the lunch prepared by his mom

Click HERE if video is not showing up.

[The guys have all been showcasing their packed lunches…]
EJW: And Seung Gi? Looks pretty simple.
LSG: Yep, this is rice. [then he opens up a really nice meat and side dish container and all the hyungs ooh and ahh and start picking at the food!]
MCM: This is sausage!
[Caption: LSG’s mother prepared the food early in the morning. A mother’s devotion.]
MCM: Stop eating it!
SooG: There’s going to be nothing for SeungGi to eat at lunch!

Video clip:  LSG karokes on the bus to some really old song

[The guys are deciding which person will go first in the singing contest]
KHD: Ok, rock, paper, scissors. Who wants to go first?
LSG: Oh, going first is the hardest!
Hyungs: [ganging up on LSG]. We should go by age, starting with the maknae!
MCM: [jokingly] You young thing, keep trying to fit in when the adults are talking!
[LSG agrees to go first and gets ready to sing]
LSG: Oh don’t erase the song. All you have to do is press start. [KHD is confused]. Start hyung, press start! It says start in Korean! [KHD gives him a dirty look! LOL!]
[Then LSG sings a song, not sure what it is. Wish he would’ve picked some totally unexpected song like an Epic High or Rain song?! this song sounded like some majorly oldey tune!  Loved how EJW sang a HOT song!]
LSG: I don’t think it was too bad! Thank you.
Staff: [jokingly] You could/should be a singer!

Video clip:  LSG asks about the rules of the game

Click HERE if video is not showing up.

LSG: PD, so can we overlap in the destination spots?
PD: That’s the important point. For example, let’s say KHD arrives 1st and the others arrive. But then let’s say the 5th person arrives with the same travel stamped route as KHD, then both are disqualified.
Guys: What!!!
LSG: So we can’t ever overlap?! Then for example, let’s say two people went to the same place, then it’s not just the person who came later who succeeds?
PD: No, if both people arrive with overlapping stamped routes, both are disqualified.

This part totally reminded me of the Amazing Race.  I religiously watched one season of it recently… only b/c of the model-student Asian brother-sister team!  LOL!  But sometimes, 1n2d reminds me of that show, but a much better version of course!

(video cr: tryp96, DClsg; Eng subs: LSGfan)

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5 Responses

  1. Wow Ann, thanks a bunch. It would be 1000x more enjoyable when I watch the raw episode later. Hope you will continue to do the same for future episodes. LUDD!!!!

  2. Seung Gi sang Kim Gun Mo’s 뻐꾸기 둥지 위로 날아간 (A bird flown away over a cuckoo nest )

    His love for rock and roll and the legendary musicians is still in tact. He’s an old soul in a young man’s body I tell you.

    Wow at Su Geun’s massive lunch, could have fed the whole 1N2D staff. XDDDD Aww at Uju’s egg characters. She’s going to grow up as thoughtful as her dad.

  3. haha, title is not correct, I meant this:

    뻐 꾸기 둥지위로 날아간 새

  4. Seriously, why I dont see any KJM’s name? he is seriously not getting enough airtime on 1n2d nowadays

  5. when KHD was introducing SG, he said,”Class president five times. Vice president six times..”
    if I am right, it’s not years ago..… :) I think..

    thank you for the post~ always enjoy reading your posts~

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