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LSG’s tears and laughter, 1n2d 6/6 cuts

LSG video cuts from 6/6 1n2d episode:
[Read English translation below the clips]

Video clip: 10-second cut of SeungGi’s sadness and tears over KimC hyung :(

Video clip: Hodong doesn’t want Seunggi to ever leave 1n2d!

KHD: [Everyone including Hodong had just been tearfully talking about KimC but all of a sudden turns to Seunggi…] You can’t do something like this! 
[laughter. Caption: You can’t leave the show…]

Video clip: “Japanese” PD assigned to KBS Win Win variety show

[PD Na had just said that the PD Yoo would be leaving 1n2d]
PD: I’m sort of sorry to Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi but…
MCM: You’re going to Soong Soong Jang Goo (KBS Win Win variety program)?!
[laughter! b/c WinWin airs at the same time slot as KHD/LSG’s Strong Heart]
[Caption: Assigned to WinWin!]
KHD: Really? that’s okay…
[Caption: Unable to control their expressions, strong hearted two persons]
LSG: Ah, WinWin?
KHD: Wow…
LSG: [jokingly] I’m going to refrain from speaking in front of PD Yoo now.

Not sure if PD Yoo is going to WinWin by choice. The caption indicates he was assigned to the show and everyone knows that he wanted to be music show PD.  He himself said so earlier on in this ep but that he would be going to WinWin. Aw, too bad. “Japanese” PD had become such a regular!

Video clip: Who will Seunggi ask questions of once KimC is gone?

LSG: [to KimC] Who am I going to rely on now… and when I don’t know things, who I am supposed to ask now?

(video credits: typ96; DClsg;  English subs: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

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  1. Thank you for the translational
    even you are so busy with your research and thesis.
    You still manage to find time to do it.
    And with the Fan Project too

    Ann Fighting!!!! :)

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