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KimC gives SeungGi heodang name, 1n2d cuts

Just a few LSG-KimC video cuts from old 1n2d eps:
[Read English translation below the clips]

Video clip: How did LSG get his Heodang nickname?

[Jan. 2008 1n2d episode]
KIMC: Hey, as a present for the new year, how about I give you a nickname?
LSG: A nickname? What kind? Okay.
KIMC: You, you should be Hudang! [laughter] Heodang Lee SeungGi teacher!
KHD: Yeah, like we all agreed to only kick this thing once and still he…
LSG: [speechless] Well, as you hear it more, it doesn’t seem so bad.
KIMC: Actually, my wife and I fought because of you!
LSG: Why?
KIMC: Because she thinks you’re cute. What’s your deal?!

[March 2008 1n2d episode]
LSG: One of the things we had wanted to do on 1n2d was to take a scooter ride, and we really didn’t know we’d get a chance to do that here today! If you all come to Jejudo, whether as a couple or with friends, and take a scooter ride I think it’ll probably be really awesome, that is… after April! [laughter].
KIMC: Hey, am I the first person that you have ever gone on a scooter ride with?
LSG: Yeah, that is true!
KIMC: Really? Wow, it is my privilege!
LSG: Come on…
KIMC: I mean me, who’s not even your girlfriend!
PD: By any chance, aren’t you guys Cha In Pyo and Shin Aera? [laughter]
LSG: Gosh, we really are a couple!
KIMC: Why do you guys keep bringing that up!
LSG: Oh will that part (imitating the voices) get broadcast?
KIMC: We’re hungry. If we could just pick up some stuff that have fallen off the trees or something like that…

Video clip: LSG-KimC get snacks from kids and scooter ride in Jejudo

[March 2008 1n2d episode]
LSG: The other guys must be eating some tasty soup.
KIMC: Yeah, probably… Oh well, let’s go!
[LSG and KimC act some cartoon characters or something like that]
KIMC: Hey, what is that? Oh no, you can’t give us that.
LSG: Oh no, really, it’s okay.
KIMC: We can give you our autographs… but let me just ask you what’s in the bag?
LSG: You guys probably haven’t eaten.
KIDS: We have.
LSG: Oh. well, I’m sorry to ask this, but do you mind eating a bit and then throwing it away? [laughter. kid takes bite of donut.]
LSG: Wow, thanks!
KIMC: This is plenty, thanks!
[LSG hugs the boy and then more little kids come up to offer snacks].
LSG: No, really, it’s okay… thanks so much!
[show LSG and KimC totally loving the tiny snacks since they’re so hungry!]
PD: Is it that good?
KIMC: Yes!
LSG: This is the first time I had chocolate that was so good!
KIMC: It’s 3:36pm and all we’ve had to eat is this half donut and some chocolate.
LSG: Well, since we’ll probably eat dinner around 9pm…
[LSG-KimC get back on scooter and are enticed by the food smells along the way]
LSG: [At the stoplight] we have 5 km left.
PD: Wow, this is really novel of you guys.
LSG: If this was summer, it would be really great and not cold.
[they get to the destination]
LSG: Omg, my thighs… i’m like frozen! [but the 2 guys are in a good mood]

Video clip: LSG-KimC share steamed buncakes on LSG’s first 1n2d ep

[Nov 2007 1n2d episode]
LSG: This is my first time facing something like this. Typically you don’t have something like this on broadcast shows, right Hyung?
KIMC: I know. Hey I see a steamed buncake store over there.
LSG: I really want to eat some steamed buncakes. [LSG and KimC turn around, see that rest of the guys are really far behind].
LSG: Should we just get some steamed buncakes? [starts running off]
KHD: Hey why are they running?
KIMC: Hey that’s Ahn-Heung steamed buncakes (a well-known store).
LSG: Oh, it is! Hello. Ajusshi, I wanted to get some buncakes. 3 for 1000 won? Ah, I have 2000 won. oh and because I’m buying these without the others knowing, could you please give it to me quickly if possible?
[the other 1n2d guys mention how LSG and KimC have run far ahead and KHD suggests they get in the bus. PD asks where LSG and KimC are].
LSG: Let’s see, one for the PD, one for me, one for KimC hyung… Thank you. We’ll eat these well.
LSG: [runs out to KimC] I don’t see them! It was 3 for 1000 won! PD, please have one. Why not, you have to eat together with us!
KIMC: Hey these are really good!
[in the bus, the other 1n2d guys spot LSG and KimC buying something]
KHD: Wow, you really can’t trust a single person here!
[staff bus rolls up and LSG and KimC don’t know the guys are in it].
LSG: I guess Hodong hyung is not going to come? [KHD comes out of bus]
KHD: SeungGi, how many days has it been since you started the show and you’re already doing this?!
LSG: Hyung, I have one for you!
KHD: Where did you get the money for this?
LSG: I just happened to have some money in my pocket. It’s really not that expensive then you’d think! 3 for 1000 won.
KHD: [starts to weaken with the food] Let’s all share then.

(video credits: tryp96; DClsg; English translation: LSGfan)

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3 Responses

  1. You can tell even in the first ep (of LSG), he got a long with KimC really well.

    So sad :(

    But still wish KimC for the best

  2. omg…havent seen this clip…thy must’ve cut this from the original before broadcasting it on k b s world…love seunggi’s after april comment…lol..great timing n humor..

  3. Why am i here LOL 😅😅😅 xD

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