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1n2d BTS photos & more anniversary fan gifts, 6/4/10

*** (AGAIN) UDPATED with more BTS photos… 
      the guys bike and swim, and more anniversary gifts from LSG fans…

(original post, 6/4/10)

It seems the best way for fans visiting Korea to see SeungGi is to just show up on a Friday morning to KBS during a 1n2d filming weekend!  A SeungGi fan posted these BTS photos from the 1n2d filming in front of KBS on Friday morning…

Unlike KimC’s last filming, where there were tons of fan photos and fancams, all we got from their first filming post-KimC were a few blurry BTS photos and MC Mong’s tweet about his love for all the guys. 

Wonder where the guys went this weekend… I’m sure some BTS photos will surface this weekend even if they end up going to some totally remote rural part of Korea!  Also, I bet the hyungs totally gave SeungGi a hard time about Kim Yuna and Shim Min Ah since both the CF and Drama news both happened after their last filming! ha ha.

Noticed that SeungGi’s been really into trucker-esque hats these days on 1n2d; he’s worn one for the past 2 filmings or more…

(photo cr: As labeled; DClsg)

*** UDPATED with more BTS photos ***

As expected, more BTS photos have been found and posted on DClsg…
Loving SeungGi look in this opening ment, but…

omg, what happened after the ment???!!!!  It’s summer and SeungG is all wrapped up from head to toe!  Probably to protect his skin from getting too dark as he preps for his drama comeback, but still…

omg, the combination of the viser hat, the preppy outfit, and the messenger bag… cody, what is the concept here?!

And check out SeungGi’s red striped socks…. ke ke ke…

Seems some pro biking group of guys, per their blog, got to participate in the 1n2d filming.  And based on pix below, looks like this guy got SeungGi’s signature on his bike and helmet…

And autographs from the rest of the 1n2d guys…

And more gifting from one of SeungGi’s fan cafes for the 1n2d filming members and staff to celebrate his 6-year debut anniversary… this time snacks and goodies including his CF endorsed Perioe mint products…

Seems there was a dual celebration and gifting going on… looks like Jiwon’s DCinside fans also prepared some gifts/snacks for the 1n2d guys and staff!  Wow, the 1n2d members and crew must of been so happy with all the goodies! 

(photo cr: As labeled, DClsg, Daum blog)

To see tons more BTS photos check out this other biker guy’s Daum blog. 

Looks like the guys go swimming in the lake and as we know SooGeun is never one to shy away from taking it off! ha ha ha.  But no pix of a swimming SeungGi! :(  How much do you want to bet that Seunggi probably refused to strip down to his swim trunks and probably went swimming fully clothed?! :)

*** UPDATED again with a few more pix ***

Some more pix of the other 1n2d guys at naver blog.

3 Responses

  1. is that true?
    did they said things about kim yu na and Shin min ah??
    i dont think so..

  2. Guess what Ann? Before I read your caption, the first that came to my mind when I saw the latest pix was, “Oh dear, Ann will be screaming when she see this outfit of LSG. Haha! Actually I wasn’t really surprise wif his new rumored CF and drama.

  3. really not brave enough to save these pics to my PC, it may be hurt to see them again. Sorry Kim C, you’re just partly the reason. The main reason is Seunggi’s outfittt. I know he has to protect his skin but… I thought it’s an ajuma, not Seunggi when first seeing the pic~

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