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Goodbye 1N2D! Thanks for 5 years of LOL Seunggi + hyungs!

Seunggi highlight reel. Aw~~~

Seunggi thanks fans. Awwwww~~~~

Thank you so much. I’m so thankful to you. For so long, I got to meet up with the hyungs every other week, and 1N2D… I really don’t think I ever thought of 1N2D as a filming. It was so enjoyable, and there were so many reasons to laugh. 6 months ago, we said we would be ending, but wow, my heart feels so strange… As it doesn’t seem real yet, that this is the last filming, I don’t think I’ll have tears now. I once again sense how much love you’ve shown us.  Thank you again for showing us such sincerity, and I respect you, and it makes me again think about whether we were deserving to that degree. I won’t ever forget that and I will work hard. Since we still have half of our filming to go, we’ll go forth boldly.    (Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan)

Seunggi and Na PD lovingly hug it out! LOL.

SG: Na PD, let’s take a really lovable photo together. Come on, lets.
NA: Plead more. (Aw, SG shows love and hangs on Na PD’s arm)
NA: Ok, fine (Ha, Na PD loves it! omg, other PDs shouting ‘backhug’)

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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D): TV Ratings, 2010.02.28 ~ 2012.02.26

(video: ngminh89 / 1n2dfansubs)

Wow, 2008 KBS Entertainment Awards… the simpler days of 1N2D brotherhood…

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1N2D Korea’s Winter Dining Table, pt 2 – Seunggi MCs on 3meter waves while seasick, on his birthday! [2012.01.29]

This totally reminded me of that old 1N2D episode where Seunggi gets seasick but puts on a fun segment, after getting conned by the hyungs and left on that island by himself.  I’m sure this was NOT the type of 26th birthday he imagined!  Ha, he knew it was strange when they got such great treatment earlier in the day.  I felt SO sick with him trying to withstand seasickness, WHILE attempting to MC.  I’ve been terribly seasick, and it totally sucks!  I shed sad tears watching this epi.  No doubt, he again proves WHY he’s one of the most coveted MCs, despite being one of the youngest…

1N2D Korea’s Winter Dining Table, pt 2: Seunggi cuts

Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan

LSG: Is that a celebrity? (pointing to Sugeun sleeping!)
SUG: Did you eat well?
LSG: Yes. It’s the first time I worried about having broadcast footage…
PD: Really?  Getting a prepared meal, you seemed so surprised.
LSG: It was so strange. She’d prepare the food, I’d eat, explain, and then I was told to eat together. It totally didn’t fit our program!
PD: I’m sure there will be something big tonight.
LSG: That’s why I said~ There must be something big! What could that be?
(Huhuhu… worst ever seasickness to come…)

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1N2D Korea’s Winter Dining Table, pt 1 – Seunggi’s birthday, culinary knowledge, perfect foodgasm [2012.01.22]

[Since there are only a few more 1N2D eps to go…] The hyungs always say Seunggi has a mature and distinguished food palate!  He again proves WHY he’s everyone’s dream dinner guest!  Korean moms LOVE it when people enjoy the food they cook, and even more when you also express and show that it was good!  The reason why my mom loves having my guy friends over way more than girls!  Ha.  And when guys do the dishes, it’s all over!  The guy can do no wrong!

1N2D Korea’s Winter Dining Table, pt 1: Seunggi cuts

Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan

(SUG mentions it’s Seunggi’s birthday on the day of this filming)
ALL: Happy Birthday to our maknae Seunggi.
LSG: Thank you so much everyone.
SUG: Today is our maknae Seunggi’s birthday. How old are you, Seung-gil?
LSG: You do know my name, right?! (LOL) It’s my 26th birthday!
EJW: He was 21 when he first started 1N2D.
LSG: I really spent my 20s together continuously with 1N2D.

(Flashback to Seunggi’s very 1st 1N2D episode! Hahaha)
At 21~ EJW: Come on, you signed a lifetime contract!
At 22~ LSG: Since it’s the first day of the new year…
At 23~ LSG: Wow, I caught so many… [Suffering through work]
At 24~ [Suffering through seasickness]
At 25~ [Suffering through missions]

EJW: You wasted your 20s!  LSG: Completely!
EJW: A time when people should be out playing a lot!
NaPD: But the birthday never fell on a filming day…
LSG: Seriously, even though it’s my birthday, no manners, you call me here at 4am! What kind of manners is that?! We’ve been together for 5 years…
NaPD: It’s because I wanted to quickly wish you a happy birthday.
SUG: So let’s bring in the cake you prepared!
EJW: Seawood soup, stuff like that right?!
NaPD: (totally speechless! Ha) Um, I will share today’s travel concept. (LOL)
LSG: He didn’t know!  NaPD: First, happy birthday again to Seunggi.

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2011 KBS Entertainment Awards recap: 1N2D and Seunggi

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