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SeungGi’s super fab closet on 1n2d (4/11)

SeungGi shows us his expert folding skills and his closet
Read LSGfan’s English translation below the clip.

(cr: tryp96)

Hello, it’s me Lee Seung Gi.
1 Night 2 Days! Wow saying that alone feels really awkward!
Yah, everyone… Oops, sorry… yah yah, I wasn’t addressing the “yah” to all of you. I was nervous.
I have to pack some clothes so I guess we should head in here so I can pack. Um, this is my closet. Temporarily, I hung up a lot of clothes so it looked like I had a lot of clothes! I don’t have a lot of clothes, just hung up a lot to make it look like I did!
[He grabs a bunch of clothes and puts on the floor to pack]
Ok, so if it’s a 3 night 4 day trip we’re talking about then typically that means changing about 4 times a day… That means I’m going to need about 16 outfits!
[He looks through his drawers and the camera closes in]
Back up back up. It’s because my underwear is in there! Please show that part in mosaic format! You can’t show that, there’s a thing called privacy.
[He shows off his expert clothes folding skills]
Ta-dah! Success! Ouch, my knees hurt!
Everyone, don’t turn the channel. I’ll see you at Go-Sung.
1 Night 2 Days!

Is this how you typically fold your clothes when you go on a trip?

Packing for his 3 night 4 day trip in his posh closet

Showing us the proper way to fold and pack for a trip

Trying out some tasty local fish

LSG’s adventures in the cramped van

LSG talks about life in his mom’s hometown Sok-Cho

Haven’t seen the 1n2d episode yet, but heard that they stop in LSG’s mom’s hometown of Sok Cho.  I remember him mentioning the place in the 1n2d episode  “Going Home.”   In that ep, he and Mong pair up to stay with one of the grandmas and she asks where his family is from and he said by the sea in Sok Cho.  And supposedly he has a lot of family members there as one of the ajummas recognized him at the local store.

Last week’s 1n2d: SeungGi on 1n2d (3/28)

13 Responses

  1. wowwww, i LOVE his closet, kinda reminding me of Mong’s one where the infamous wig has been discovered :)). Btw, is it his new appart where he lives with his family? It does look bigger than i thought…

  2. ahhh…he is using a cardboard to fold his clothes… in singapore, they do sell this thing…better material and not cardboard type… it’s true that the clothes can be folded well and neater… ^_^

  3. did KIM C curse seung gi ‘s hairstyle???

  4. I was surprised that they showed lsg’s closet b/c he’s typically private about stuff like that. but i have a feeling the 1n2d PD staff made him do it! :) yep, looks to be his new apt — very very nice! :)

    the clothes folding — def one of the best ways to pack as recommended by fashion and travel experts! but was esp hilarious just b/c it’s so lsg. :)

    Kim C didn’t curse lsg. when lsg was tying the string for the map in the opening scene; he wasn’t doing it in the most sensible way (prob b/c it was early in the morning and he was still sleepy). and so Kim C said: “do you only use your head when you get a perm?” that got a huge laugh and was hilarious!

    everyone knows lsg is a smart guy, and also how much Kim C adores lsg, so hopefully the lsg fans won’t get all made at Kim C about this! :)

  5. but i heard many viewiers people cursing kim c because he cursed Seung gi from speaking roughly!!!!!

  6. guys, do you know what the name of the song that played in the background in the clip where seung gi folds his shirt???


  7. thx a lot!!!

  8. hey guys, i updated this video clip of Seunggi showing us his home closet with Eng translation. this was one of my fave clips… maybe b/c seunggi tends to be more private about his personal life (which I totally admire and love about him) and so it was kind of cool to see where he actually lives! :)

    i just loved that ep altogether b/c that was the start to the 3-part ep 3 night 4 day 1n2d special and the one where they sit around the campfire singing confession while KimC plays the guitar…. :( :)

    • may i know where to download this episode..please help me!~

      • I only stream from korean sites. i’ve never downloaded but 1n2dfansubs.wordpress.com posts a bunch of download links each week after the episode airs. :) Last week I marathon re-watched a bunch of 2008 eps. Seunggi hasn’t changed that much over the years on 1n2d! :)

  9. Hi!Just want to ask what episode is this?Is the episode where he folds his shirt and the trip to Sok-Cho’s the same?I mean is it the same episode?Thanks!^_^

    • Hey C~ I think the episodes usually go by episode number and broadcast date. This video clip is from the 3 night 4 day trip (The Korean Route Special). And they do stop in Sok-Cho where Seunggi’s grandparents are from. And they meet the store owner ajumma who knows Seunggi and his grandma. I love seeing Seunggi in his apt and closet! :)

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