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Hyungs ask about Shin MinAh, 1n2d 6/27 cuts

*** UPDATED with video cuts with embedded Eng-subtitles ***

LSG video cuts from 6/27 1n2d episode:
(video credits: rapport2010; tryp96; DClsg; English translation: LSGfan)

Video clip: SeungGi’s hyungs bring up Shin Min Ah

Video clip: Mashup of Seunggi bike riding cuts with a lot of “Wow!”

Video clip: Seunggi’s Dib-ee-dib-ee-dip skills!

[No explanation necessary! LSGs playing the game is hilarious, and love the old clips of LSG on another variety show.  Seunggi tries to reason with Mong’s manager about the game after he loses, but Mong pushes him out of the way… Seunggi is too funny when he’s not necessarily trying to be funny!  Love love love Korean games!]

See more LSG cuts from 1n2d episodes:

6 Responses

  1. I am glad you are back !!!! :)
    Missing you a lot (I knew you are busy)

    Thank you for the translation.

  2. it’s funny how everytime lee seung gi works with A-list celebrities (like kim yuna and shin mina), his hyungs are so envy of him.

  3. lol kekeke.. seunggi is always be a loser on Dib-ee-dib-ee-dip game kekekeke.. Thank u for posting the vid, it makes me wanna re-run seunggi’s old variety show (especially heroine six)

  4. friend,,, where can i find strong heart engsub,.. thanks a lot,. :D

    • there was a subbing team for SH, but after the youtube crackdown, don’t think they’re doing much anymore. you can find older subbed SH subs on dailymotion.

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