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KyungJu fans show love for LSG, 1n2d 5/30 cuts

LSG video cuts from 5/30 1n2d episode:
[Read English translation below the clips]

Video clip: FansGirls, FanBoys, FanAjummas, FanAjusshis all love LSG!

[PD and LSG are still talking about being surprised that the tourists from Turkey recognized him; while you hear fangirls in the backgroud screaming]
LSG: Maybe it was because of the atmosphere?
PD: But the fact that they knew your name…
LSG: Yeah, that they knew my name…
[Caption: The girl students recognize the back of SeungGi!]
LSG: [turns around hearing the girls voices] Huh, I hadn’t turned around…[laughter]. Yah, Kyung Ju is great! If you come to Kyung Ju, you must become a popular person!
[laughter… LSG then signs for a guy on the street].
LSG: By any chance, did you hear that 1n2d would be coming to Kyung Ju?
FAN: You guys came last time, didn’t you?
[At this time an ajusshi bikes right up to LSG]
AJUSSHI: Ahhh, your face is really small!
LSG: Ah, my face?! Thank you.
[Ajusshi can’t hide his love for LSG and plants a kiss on his cheek!]
LSG: Father, thank you! Be healthy.
[LSG turns around and notices the girl students]
LSG: Ah, hello. Student, how do we get to Oh Leung? Ah, just keep going this way?
[LSG says hello to someone…]
LSG: Someone seeing me greeting these neighbors would probably think I had lived here for like 15 years!
AJUMMA1: You look like Lee Seung Gi. Omg, you really are Lee Seung Gi! Omg, I watch 1n2d all the time!
AJUMMA2: It really is Lee Seung Gi! We’re watching 1n2d regularly.
LSG: Thank you mother. Thank you. [he motions to the students] Students, move to the side since there are cars coming. Did you guys finish school? You guys have been taking pix since way back there?! You guys say you’re embarassed of the cameras but you’re still taking pix of me, and on top of that a video?! Alright. Study hard, ok? Bye!
PD: You’re really popular…
LSG: Even if I don’t succeed in the mission, I feel so grateful for the many people who have reconized me.

Video clip:  Turkey fan, ” I love you Lee Seung Gi!” ha ha ha

FAN: I love you! [as he runs up to hug LSG]
LSG: Uh, Thank you. Do you know me?
FAN: Yes! [hugs LSG one more time]
LSG: Thank you. Thank you.
[later as LSG signs for the fans on their arms…]
FAN: Lee Seung Gi!
LSG: Thank you Thank you.
FAN: We’re from Turkey.
LSG: You’re from Turkey? Oh, then how do you know me?
FAN: I listen to you on tv.
LSG: [very surprised] Ah, I see.

Video clip: Behind-the-Scenes internet fan photos of LSG shown

LSG: No one’s come here yet, right?
FAN: MC Mong is already here.
LSG: Really, how long has it been?
LADY: 2 minutes! [LSG sprints to catch up to Mong; cameraman can’t keep up]
[Captions: LSG disappears into the forest… Therefore, we will show the fan photos that surfaced on the internet in his place!]

Video clip: LSG finds that the stamp office is closed

[Seeing that the stamp office had closed by the time LSG got there, the lady tries to give LSG some other options].
LSG: [looking in the window] Oh, the stamp is right there! Ah, it closes at 5:30. Everyone, if you want to get your booklet stamped, you need to come early.

Video clip: KimC challenges LSG to head-wrestle

Click HERE if video is not showing up.

KIMC: Seung Gi yah, come over here. I really don’t understand the big deal. I just have to stay still right?
LSG: You have to push. okay, start. Aghhh!
EJW: Are you doing something?
KIMC: Do you want me to push too?
LSG: Yes, go ahead and push.
KIMC: Oh, I wasn’t pushing…
LSG: Oh you have to push.
KIMC: Like this?

Video clip: Preview for next week’s episode

Preview of KimC’s last broadcast on 1n2d. Clip speaks for itself.
Prepare for major major tears all around!!!! boo hoo hoo…

(video credits: typ96; DClsg;  English subs: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

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  1. aww.. ^^
    thank you for the sub!! i love you!! ><

  2. thank you for subbing once again! i always enjoy reading your blog.

  3. I always look forward to tryp’s videos and your translations…i can’t say thank you enough (“,)

  4. he’s very popular, can’t deny that at all. I’m waiting to see Gumiho ratings, see if he can make old fans watching a Hong sisters drama :))

  5. “AJUSSHI: Ahhh, your face is really small!”
    Hope to see LSGi in person.

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