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Pricetag on Seunggi’s System Homme jacket

Price tag on SeungGi’s System Homme baseball jacket/blazer worn on 1n2d…

420,000 KRW = about US $350

Loved the jacket… very unique.  See video clip of last Sunday’s 1n2d opening ment: Hyungs ask about Shin MinAh, 1n2d 6/27 cuts

I think System Homme is a Korean brand; very popular among Korean celebs.  Like their stuff.  I think Seunggi’s worn the brand several times.  Check out more fashion brands worn by K-celebs like BEG’s GaIn, 2pm’s Nick Khun, and actress Park Shi Yeon at Style M.

And see more fashion related posts:
(I’m probably more into SeungGi’s fashion than SeungGi himself! LOL!) :)

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