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Kolon Sport debuts at famed Harrods + Seunggi’s UK trip

Too bad Seunggi didn’t hit up London during his trip to Manchester over the summer for the Olympics Torch Relay!  Was totally surprised he wore that jacket with ‘F**k this life’ sewn in!  (guess he didn’t think he’d get spotted!)  Hahaha.  Maybe it was a subtle uhm-chin-ah rebellion message! LOL. If so, that would be totally awesome!

His England world is colliding!~~

UK Airens, The King 2 Hearts’ Lee Jaeha, Olympics Samsung torch relay, Heritory’s British traditional-casual concept, and now Kolon Sport…

The brand was recently showcased at famed Harrods in Knightsbridge, which is a pretty big deal (even if for Olympics Korean bands special) since Kolon Sport is a Korean brand, unlike lots of the outdoor brands currently in the Korean market.  Only products were on display for now…

(video: kolonsport)

Omg, why do Korean projects (Kdramas being the worst!) featuring non-Koreans always have to be SO forced and cheesy??!!!

@0:40 kudos to Kolon Sport for getting Harrods window showcase treatment.  (aw, I miss that awesome store and the whole Knightsbridge shopping area!)  And great interview with the director guy talking about the fabulous Kolon Sport jacket on display!

*side note*

Totally shocked by breaking news that Minjung was dating Lee Byung Hun.  Really, I thought it was all rumors back in April.  Wonder what CF filming was like in New Zealand amidst the gossip buzz in Korea.  It’s obvious Minjung and LBH are headed toward marriage… you don’t formally announce you’re dating in such a serious way otherwise.  Love is a happy thing, but I never expected bubbly and headed-for-big-things-as-an-actress Minjung (30) to marry early, and to a guy 12 years older, even if it’s LBH.  (totally respected for his acting, but viewed quite differently as husband material, well-known to have dated some notable starlets).  But the right person can totally change people, so hope things work out for both of them!

Well, we all know who the perfect husband material guy is~~~!!!!

Gosh, thinking about it now…

Seunggi’s UK trip (via Poland) was seriously awesome!

All the constant online stalking from Airens, and real-time posts from UK Airens…

Images: Twitter, As labeled

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