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Fans greet Lee Seung Gi from Korea to Poland [2012.06.20]

My undying love for fancams!  Especially set to music or videos with lotsa screaming from excited fans!  And the international Airens in Poland who greeted Seunggi at the Warsaw Airport are seriously awesome!  He seemed  so touched! Aw~~!!

FANCAM – Arrival at Warsaw Airport. Set to Wonder Girls’ Like this!  Omg, loves it!

(video: KlaudynaXD)

FANCAM – More of sweet Seunggi and awesome fans!  International Airens rock!

(video: EiriKaori)

FANCAM – Priceless expression at the end!  Hehehe.  So cute.

(video: fathineric)

Leaving Korea en route to Warsaw, Poland…

FANCAM – Cute meowing music! Hehehe.  Manager friends politely ask Ajusshi to stop taking pix of Seunggi~ so cute!  Did LSG plan jacket put-on for the fans?!

(video: 믿고보는 이승기)

FANCAM – LOL at the scurrying feet.  Fancams always daebak!

(video: leeseunggiworld02)

FANCAM – Can’t help but to love the dongseng fanboys!

(video: leeseunggiworld02)

FANCAM – Cameras everywhere.  So cute set to cute music.

(video:  믿고보는 이승기)

FANCAM – Whoa, the fans and cameramen.  Love the Seunggi Oppa shout-outs~!!  And the male shout-outs to Seunggi!  LOL at the cute ajumma with her camcorder poking Seunggi in the back, heading into the gate!  Omg, that’s so Korean!  Airens with the banner~ awesome!  Wow, all the fans are really amazing!

(video: 믿고보는 이승기)

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5 Responses

  1. yup, amazing fans for an awesome and amazing person! Really sooo happy and proud to be a fan! Just seeing his bright smile makes my day! Sooo glad Seunggi was chosen to be a torchbearer. Happy that he had fun in Poland and England :)
    So many things going for him! After solidifying his status as an A-list actor in TK2H, and successfully holding his first major concert in Japan, came this once-in-a-lifetime chance to represent his country and participate in the 2012 olympics!
    You are really amazing, Seunggi-ya!

  2. OMG my fancam is first! hahaha how nice see it here! :D:D he is really handsome omg but has super cute smile! I ran away from school and went to see him in Warsaw (far away realllyyy from my city) XDDDDDDDDDDD So it makes me more proud that other fans can see him when he was in Poland! be honest people were so excited but knew they should be calm, so I think he felt comfortable and fans gave him some gifts! (I and friend gave him first so that’s why you can hear his ‘thank you very much’ in video~btw I think he thought that we say something else but we couldn’t say anything because of impression! XDDDD) ahhaha lol I finish spamming here, lol I’m sorry for it hahaha xD he was just awesome!!

    • ah,you’re the one behind the awesomeness of that fancam! The beats for Like It makes the fancam soooooo much more fun!

      aw, you and your friend gave him presents too. (aside from running away from school! HA) You’re the best!

      Yup, he was totally surprised to see fans in Poland… more than that, to show up to the airport! You guys are the coolest! I’m sure you totally made his day and made him feel like a rockstar! Hahaha!

      thx again for sharing such an awesome vid!

      • omg you replied me~!! awwww how cute!! >~<! hahaha you like my fancam? hahaha thank you sooooooooooo much! xDD <33
        btw I thought there will be 5 people so even I was surprised that other people were there~! Many people didn't know about it and a lots still don't know that he was here lol, in Poland is a few thousand fans of hallyu wave, so~ but I think maybe better that at airport wasn't too many people, because he could live normally there… ^^

  3. laughing hard seeing myself and friend on the second vid hahaha lol XD lol thanks for this post haha XD <3

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