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Seunggi zips through Incheon airport like a pro [2012.08.19]

He has that well-rested glow!  Guess he vacationed in New Zealand on the off days from Kolon Sport CF filming.  He’s a total pro at zipping quickly through airports now!

(video: sh reine )

(video: sgdhtinalove)

Nice striped shirt and white pants…

Same shirt Manager-nim was wearing when they left for New Zealand?  (what LSG deserved to be wearing that day! *sigh*)  Every K-celeb has been wearing that blue-white striped long-sleeve shirt!  I think LSG and Manager-nim share clothes because I’ve seen them where similar stuff before.  If so, aww!

Arghhh… per usual~~~~  *waves fist at THE hair*

The regular frustration I feel…

toward the Hook-Hairstylist-Cody trio…

depicted perfectly here…

Ahhhh~~~~ STRESS~~~!!!!

Shouldn’t be like this!!!

Please let September and the rest of the year be more like this~~~!!!!  Jebal!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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One Response

  1. That GIF is too cute!!! Reminds me of one of my fave episodes in 1n2d. Seunggi was just too adorable there, and had many memorable and cute expressions.
    Majorly missing 1n2d!!!
    Hope to see Seunggi in a regular variety program again SOON!

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