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Lee Seung Gi styled as sophisticated modern-day King [Stills]

SO ecstatic about the haute suits Seunggi’s been wearing for TK2H!  Showcasing his tall stature, and true-to-life clean cut, uhm-chin-ah rep.  It’s a dream come true for fashion girl me, after longstanding torment from LSG’s crazy cody, who’s obsessed with ill-fitted, over-sized, ajusshi suits!  Now, if only Jaeha had hot messy hair…?!?!  Also love the collection of watches he’s rocked.  Very hot timepiece accessorizing!  Photospam of our sophisticated chic, modern-day royal, King Lee Jaeha…

Sharply suited up, and making important decisions!  Wonder how he felt about being in suits so much throughout the drama.  So different from his previous drama roles?

Exuding confidence and authority.  Love it!  And the stylish array of double-breasted and standard-button suit-tie looks add to that.  Especially since he’s THE youngest on set!  I can’t wait to hear him dish about talking trash and informally to all the older veteran sunbae and actors in the drama.

Casual jacket over sweater-collared shirt is NICE, but the shirt-tie look is LOVE!  Loosened tie and rolled up sleeves is EVEN BETTER!!  Add in working long hours like mad to catch your brother’s murderer, the crazy dude who’s trying to keep you and your love Hangah apart and… MAJOR SWOON~~!!!  Hot Hot Hot!!!

Not a big fan of traditional wear in dramas, except for special occasions.  Maybe because I’m not into sageuk dramas?  The costumes are ornate and beautiful, but I just don’t see myself walking around in those outfits, and a big part of fashion is seeing myself or my guy in the shown styles.  BUT the day Seunggi does a sageuk (after military?), I’ll definitely watch!  whoa, thought he was wearing UGGs below.

Jaeha in royal red king attire breaks my heart.  It reminds me of Jaekang’s tragic death, and is too reminiscent of the heavy burden and responsibility he now carries as king, trying to fill the very big shoes left by his older brother.  Seunggi did a great job of conveying Jaeha’s mix of controlled sadness and heavy burden.

I know the immature cutesy Prince Jaeha of WOC training days is sorta a thing of the past.  Now that he’s king.  But hope we still get a little bit of this cute, fun vibe from King Jaeha.  At least when he’s around his love, Hangah.

I know this was penned as a very weighty drama, but I’m not sure if I can take anything but a happy and passionate ending for our Jaeha and Hangah’s deep love.  With one of Jaeha’s two top loves (Jaekang) already taken away from him, not sure if I can bear Jaeha’s MAIN love (Hangah) not being by his side forever.  Nor, can I bear the thought of our Hangah’s devoted love for Jaeha being blocked or taken away…  Please, let there be happy love for them at the end… Jebal~~!!!

Recent BTS photos from the set.  Actor Lee smiling.  Just love the great vibe on set!  Glad he decided not to do variety shows for the time being.  It would sorta be uncool for Seunggi (25) to make filming schedule demands to the veteran cast members.  Hope to see more cast snippets about filming together.  Love the entire TK2H cast so much (even crazy villian Bongku, who’s doing a great job of making us hate him!)

Images: MBC, DCLSG

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Seunggi’s real-life cody,
    Hope you’ve seen and learned enough about how Seunggi should be dressed up! From the military days to the present, he looked really good. Even his casual clothes in the drama look great! I have yet to see a “miss”. He looks so sophisticated, elegant and royal in his suits!
    I hope that there would be no going back to ill-fitting, loose, baggy, lousy fashion and hair when he’s done with the drama.

    Thanks TK2H for showing us not only amazing actor Seunggi, but also for delighting us with awesome Seunggi fashion! One of the things that I Iook forward to in this drama are the clothes that he wears.

  2. Love every picture here!
    Never a big fan of the double breasted suit as few can pull it off. But Seung Gi’s version, oh my, dreams!
    Such nice contrast with all the senior statesmen round him, like with the prime minister at the exhibition and the secretary everywhere – vibrant, vigorous, and full of promises…
    Oh, and don’t you love the shirt in the royal library scene? His leaning on the bookshelf and long legs bent…I even love the hair!

  3. Lee Jae Ha’s charisma… killed me… OMG.. died died died….

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