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News coverage of Lee Seunggi’s first-ever Singapore visit

Posting some of the video news coverage and article links.  Congrats to Seunggi for charming fans with his first-ever visit to Singapore!  Not being your usual Kpop idol, nor carrying some over-the-top persona, proud to see awesome fan support for him there!  His RESUME speaks for itself!  As everyone knows, Seunggi is the type of guy that the more you know him, the more you can’t help but to adore him!  And like he said, he’s not seeking out to be some global star, he first and foremost, just wants to meet and spend time with the fans he already has abroad and grow from there.  Awww!!!  (btw, press con translator totally sucked!  Ha, I think even Seunggi knew it!)

[inSING]: Tonight with Lee Seung Gi
@0:25~ his so cute English!  @2:05~ ‘Sarang-hae-yo’ Kyyaaahhh!  @2:20~ the smile!
(video: inSingVideos)

[xinmsn]: Lee Seung Gi the perfect man? Most definitely
@1:40~ fearful of ghosts! Ha, but totally fearless in his work! Ahhhh!!!
(video: sgdhtinalove)

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Kolon Sport debuts at famed Harrods + Seunggi’s UK trip

Too bad Seunggi didn’t hit up London during his trip to Manchester over the summer for the Olympics Torch Relay!  Was totally surprised he wore that jacket with ‘F**k this life’ sewn in!  (guess he didn’t think he’d get spotted!)  Hahaha.  Maybe it was a subtle uhm-chin-ah rebellion message! LOL. If so, that would be totally awesome!

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[2012 F/W Heritory] British flair Lee Seung Gi & Jung Yoo Mi

Spazzing so much over the Seunggi in F/W Heritory goodies, I forgot about the takes with Jung Yoomi and others!  (love that adorable dog!)  The Heritory ‘British traditional casual’ style is really well-executed, noticeable in the tailoring, cuts, textures, and accessories.  It stands out from the other popular mid-upper priced preppy brands, and gives off a stylish elegant vibe distinctive from renown luxury brand Burberry.  A new clothing brand isn’t easy, especially in this economy.  But Heritory has done a fantastic job so far.  Can’t wait to see the upcoming new CF!

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Lee Seung Gi so CEO-ish! meeting with supporters, mingling at Samsung Olympic Torch Relay dinner party…

Still catching up on all fan photos from England… Seunggi meets with the awesome Samsung Supporters after the Olympics Torch Relay.  Looking so CEO-ish and super comfortable and natural sitting at the head of the table, talking with everyone~~!!

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Unforgettable Olympics Torch Relay with Lee Seung Gi…

Not seeing (and missing) Seunggi can mess with our sense of time!  Wah~~~~ love these fan photos from the Olympic Torch Relay.  Seems like it’s been forever, but it was less than a month ago!  So glad we fans (on the grounds in Manchester AND around the world!) got to share this unforgettable, amazing special moment together with Seunggi!  Thanks to Samsung for choosing him!  They couldn’t have picked a better role-model 20s star to represent the determination, sincerity, affection, and multi-talents embodied within the nation of S. Korea and the spirit of the Olympics!

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