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Lee Seung Gi seen buying Brompton at LeVelo in Apgujeong!

* UPDATE* Seunggi may have already bought his Brompton during his Olympics Torch Relay trip to Manchester, England.  A fan posted this on dcTK2H with more pics…

Since we were talking about it, I searched online and it’s true that the King has that bike but it’s not a new one that he bought.  Supposedly, he went there for something else and just looked around.  And he’s supposed to stop by again to get his bike serviced. (English: LSGfan via dcTK2H fan post)

If so, makes sense… buy foldable bike in original England vs. overpriced import in Korea?!  Hope he stocked up on lots of Burberry too!  Way better prices and style selection!  I still want to go biking with him!!!  The ‘heart’ in his autograph is too cute…

In the words of US Weekly~~ STARS – They’re just like us! OMG, I love that Seunggi bought a Brompton bike! Awesome! He’s really taking advantage of his first ever long vacation break time since his career debut, isn’t he??!!! Is he planning a bike trip??!! And if so, where? New Zealand??!! Wah~ I really really want to tag along! Seunggi, take me too, I love biking trips! So, according to this recent Korean blog excerpt…

English: LSGfan,  via 김도란스 blog

Lee Seung Gi also rides Brompton
August 10, 1:30pm.
Apgujeong Le Velo
Lee Seung Gi stopped by to purchase a Brompton +-+
Lee Seung Gi Brompton life come together hehe
Recently Ha Ji Won, Jo Seung Woo…
Now even Lee Seung Gi hehe

Thinking of Seunggi riding a bike~~ can’t help but to think…

(sorta ironic amidst all our reminiscing old school 1N2D)~~~!!!!

1N2D episodes when the guys did that long bike trip!  Seunggi was decked in major long sleeves and big hat so he could protect his skin from the sun!  LOL.  During My Girlfriend is a Gumiho filming days!

And still remember that gorgeous scene of Seunggi and the guys biking in the rain (in ponchos!) for morning mission,  set to to Kim C’s Hot Potato Rain Tears!  Wish I could find that awesome clip on youtube… huhuhu~~  Miss seeing these guys together!

Aw, but instead found clip of Kim C’s last 1N2D and goodbye hug and exchange with Seunggi… @2:53… huhuhu~~~~

(video: 520junsu)

Images:  Naver, dcTK2H

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7 Responses

  1. glad to hear that Seunggi is enjoying doing the stuff he like during his long vacation break..Its a relief that this guy took a break, I mean his been working his ass off always.. hope he’ll have a great time biking..

    Ann, since you can tag along with him during biking, maybe he can teach me as well how to ride a bike right?kekeke *face palm too shy*

    • Aw, don’t know how to ride a bike yet?! you’d love it! great way to de-stress. like running, but even easier, and more fun! Seunggi would be a great teacher since he’s very technical and detailed about things! hehehe

      • its an embarassing yet its undeniable truth either..until now i still don’t know how to ride a bike *fae plam*, yet on the happy note i can learn fast since Seunggi will be my instructor.kekeke =:) *dreaming*

        sad to say that i can no longer re-watched that epi since i haven’t finished downloading my 1n2d collection.. It’s too late before i knew it, megaupload & mediafire were already blocked. So no luck for me to complete my 1n2d collection. Lots of missing epi from 113~213:(

  2. hi anne! I definitely remembered the biking they did where sugeun did that tears of the amazon bit, hilarious! But i can’t seem to remember the one they did while it was raining? what episode was that?

    • It’s an old episode. I think maybe it was the one of the 1n2d anniversary eps? The morning mission was to bike to this area where there’s natural spring water that you just drink from. and it was raining, and they played hot potato’s rain tears in the background… mong, seunggi, kim c biking together… huhuhu

      • hey anne, it’s me sam, I have to change my username, ugh some problem with wordpress registration. But yeah, i remember now, and there i was all panicky, thinking I have missed to download one episode! i think it was the episode where mong coined the phrase variety jongshin? ok sorry i must have mispelled the word hehehe.

        But I do love that episode the $100 of happiness OB vs YB? See, I have been rewatching my old episodes too but can’t bring myself to watch the last episodes. I actually tried watching the last parts in the finale -the one in the theatre and the final morning but i ended up crying and really sobbing it was soooo embarassing because somebody from work saw me and well, i got a lot of ribbing. it did not help that my eyes were all swollen and i’ve got Rudolph’s nose too so i can hardly deny it.

        I miss miss miss 1n2d, the old brotherhood and of course, Seunggi on my screen. That’s why i troll your site a lot!! haha, thanks anne!

  3. Recently Ha Ji Won, Jo Seung Woo…
    Now even Lee Seung Gi hehe….you mean they bought the bike too, pls enlighten me??? thanks

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