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Seunggi leaves for New Zealand for Kolon Sport [2012.08.15]

I guess I was anticipating more recent Hong Kong airport fashion stuff… Huhuhu…

But felt like crying fashion tears(!) when seeing our manager-nims in casual, stylish essentials (colorful sneakers, cargo pants, baseball cap, simple but nice t-shirts)…

while our Seunggi…   clunky-belt-ill-fitted-pants and another hair issue thing.

I always feel guilty (LSGfan = Bad Airen) but it’s so mind boggling when Seunggi could easily look far more effortlessly fantastic!  *sigh*

That terrific white shirt with color cuffs and collared lining deserves to NOT be tucked in, or at least loosely, and deserves  to be paired with way better casual-chic pants.  And nice moccasins (probably some expensive brand), but with another ensemble please.  And in-between short-long hair phase can always easily look great topped with a good hat.  *sigh*  I’ll stop.  (He needs to let me style him for just 1 week!)

I read that he looked kinda tired.  Huhuhu.  (hint: a hat can help cover that!)

(video: AirenVideo)

I know Airens are happy no matter what, since we’re just happy to see him these days since we all miss him super duper much on tv!  But still… come on…

But I’d probably react like this girl (airline employee?) and forget all fashion woes…  Flash of the charming smile and sweetness, and nothing bothers you anymore.  Ha.

Hope he gets time to hang out in New Zealand after the Kolon Sport CF filming.

Maybe he and manager-nim friends will go camping  or biking on his Brompton!  Wahh~~~ I’d really really love to join them!  Camping is so much fun, and can be super romantic(!) when you’re with the right people (LSG!!)!  Hehe.

I feel bad Seunggi can’t freely hang out with girls, even on a friendship level… I could definitely not live like that!  Hahaha.  That would really suck!

Friday’s supposed to be sunny~~!!!  Great weather for camping, hanging out!

Omg, am I really checking weather in NZ because of Seunggi??!!  The things we do.

Images: DCLSG, Twitter/As labeled, Tryp96

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3 Responses

  1. “The things we do.”
    Haha~~~ So true… I was checking out the weather at HK too when he went there… :P

  2. yup, i feel you anne! i kept sighing when i saw the pics. nevertheless, Im glad to see him resurface in whatever form rather not see hide or hair… hair. I am so stumped with the hair. Isn’t his hair straight? I love seeing him with straight hair sideswept bangs, no frills no perms. sigh sigh sigh!! glad to see him yet frustrated at the same time. well i guess it’s never boring to be a seunggi fan!

    by the way im totally rewatching old 1n2d. I kept downloading their pictures on the net, even reading recaps of old episodes I have seen a dozen times. I have been haunting tumbler too to look at more screencaps and fan made wallpapers because they are awesome—and what I see most are all these posts about the new 1n2d, some saying that these guys are the best thing that happened to the show etc. It’s been months but it still kick me to the curb seeing new faces in a show I love this much.Just reminded me why I have been avoiding looking at any news about it.

    I still get teary eyed remembering and I know i’m overreacting but, well, i guess its because some things are not going good in my life these days, I need a lot of laughter and where else to get it, right? at the same time, after every episode I’m reminded that they are gone and I get sad again.

    I don’t get to see Seunggi much on tv or news, no Mong or Hodong and not much on KimC. Am glad Seugun is doing great and I read Jong Min is getting his jollies back.

    Ok sorry i went off topic and made this post all gloomy and stuff. Just sounding off a little. Sorry anne!


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