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Samsung Zipel T9000 Media Day – Lee Seung Gi interview

[July 4, 2012].  More from big time Media Day event.  Fave fancams, press footage, and LSG cut compilation with ENGLISH TRANSLATION.  Omg, did I really translate a Seunggi interview about his thoughts on a fridge??!!  Ha!  But read it and you’ll see why it’s so fun and fascinating!  And why he’s so perfect as ‘Zipel’s Man.’  And why he’s so awesome!  (despite regularly breaking my fashion-obsessed heart!!)~~~

Fancam – Whoa, major press and major flashes!  LSG so nice… quickly turned and responded  ‘Nae?’ when that press photo guy tried to get his attention. Aw~~!!

(video: annasui00011)

Fancam – Always love this fan’s cute music videos!

(video: 믿고보는 이승기)

Consumer Economy CEO News – Ha. Awesome, lively, musical-ish clip!  From a consumer economy news outlet.  Feels like I’m at the opera!  Seunggi = perfect!

(video: dailycnc)

Lee Seung Gi compilation cut – Samsung Zipel T9000 Media Day

English: LSGfan, Video: tiamo483

Video Message – LSG: Hello, I am Zipel’s Man, Lee Seunggi. Viewers who are watching via Samsung Electronics blog or Facebook, you’re very curious about the Samsung Zipel T9000 product aren’t you? Details about the product will be revealed slowly throughout the livestream Media Day. I plan to make a surprise appearance today as well, so don’t change channels and make sure to stay tuned through the end. Enjoy the Samsung Zipel T9000 Media Day together with me… (Yup, I livestreamed the whole thing!)

(Clips of LSG holding his own, seated with the Samsung bigwigs!)

Interview @1:35 – MC: Now the refrigerator gatekeeper, Zipel’s Man Lee Seung Gi. We’ll spend some time talking with him.  Lee Seung Gi, please come on stage. (aw, proud smile on President Yoon’s face!)
LSG: Hello, I am Zipel’s Man, Lee Seunggi.
MC: You’re a busy person, so thank you for joining us at this Media Day.
LSG: No, of course I should come here.
MC: You’re probably busy today too.  And recently you traveled to London for the Olympics Torch Relay.
LSG: Yes, together with Samsung Electronics London Olympics 2012 Torch Relay. Personally, it was a great honor. They gave our torch to each of the runners, so I’m very thankful for that.
MC: It must have been a memorable event.  Your activities everywhere are really impressive. Personally for me, I think you are most cool when you are together with Zipel.
LSG: Yes, I think so too. (LOL)

Interview @2:45 – MC: Samsung is revealing the Zipel T9000 for the first time today. Had you seen the T9000?
LSG: Of course. I saw it first when we were filming the CF. And with this being my 4th year together with Zipel as Zipel’s Man, in the case of Samsung Zipel T9000, how should I say this… It’s surprising each time the design is upgraded or a new aspect is developed, but I was really surprised at such an advancement made through this new product.
MC: You’ve become quite specialized in this as you’ve you’ve spent much time with Zipel over the years.

Interview @3:25 – MC: As Zipel’s Man, your first thought upon seeing the Zipel T9000? I’m very curious what you thought.
LSG: First off, even though I’m the model, from the perspective of a consumer foremost, you have to want to buy the fridge, right? To bring it to our home. In that sense, I think it’s a fridge you really want. And how should I say this… like that of the T9000 type, it’s an innovative product. And, although I don’t tend to cook that often, our family isn’t the type to organize things so neatly. (LOL). So as we place lots of different things in the fridge, it gets crowded and at times things fall out, so it was a little inconvenient. But through this new type of fridge, with upper and lower divisions, I really think it’s a product made with the ease of consumers in mind, which makes Zipel really impressive.  (Samsung better pay LSG extra for being so convincing!)

Interview @4:20 – MC: Actually, the upper-lower feature stood out to me at first too. Are there any other aspects that stood out to you?
LSG: First off, the T-type is fresh and surprising. If you were to compare it to the traditional two-door fridge. You have an area for vegetables, the freezer, shelves. Typically, we cut up watermelon and put it in the fridge. [MC: Of course]. But now, with the T9000, you can put it in whole. So, it’s as if your ‘lifestyle quality’ is better. So I really liked it.

MC: Actually, I heard that after your CF filming, you showed a lot of interest in the fridge and wanted to purchase one.
LSG: I really had to think about purchasing it. Right now, we have 2 Zipels in our home, but I wondered whether we needed a third one (LOL). I thought about it a lot.
MC: I think your mother would really like that.
LSG: I would be a good son if I bought it for her.
MC: That would be very uhm-chin-ah of you.  (I want to meet his mom!)

Interview @5:25 -MC: You’re well known for your fashion sense...
LSG: No… (Omg, LOL’d big time at MC’s statement and LSG’s response!)
MC: By any chance, do you have any interest in product design or interior?
LSG: For me, since I’m an entertainer, I have some degree of interest in fashion and like it. You know how people say a white shirt and jeans are the best, a fashion leader. So to be that natural and simple, while advancing luxuriously, I believe you have to be firmly grounded. Being together with Zipel for 4 years, if ever there were a more advanced product among home appliances, I realized this time… perhaps this is the product that represents the most confidence that comes with being the #1 global leader.
MC: Wow. Your explanations are really impressive. (I’m impressed!)
LSG: Thank you.

Interview @6:15 – MC: This may be a more difficult question. But, what did you think of this Zipel T9000 design sense?
LSG: First off, the stainless steel design was very pretty. For people who like design, the details are very important. In the case of Samsung Zipel, rather than trying to purposely stand out, having great confidence in their work within the home electronics industry as #1, I was very surprised at all the attention to the details.
MC: That’s a really awesome way of looking at it.

Interview @6:50 – MC: Looking at the Zipel T9000, I couldn’t help but to think that it resembles Lee Seunggi.
LSG: It resembles me? (LOL)
MC: First off, it has an elegant look. A capacity that’s plentiful. And even as time passes, it doesn’t change at its core… Ah, your face is getting red?!
LSG: I guess that’s why I wanted to purchase it. (Love this part!)

MC: So lastly, we just saw the CF. Can you show us the cool pose you did?
LSG: Rignt now?! (Omg, LSG was seriously not expecting this!)
MC: You can give me the mic. Show us your cool pose.
LSG: In the commercial, I looked cool leaning against the window. I’m not sure if I can do that here, but I’ll try a cool pose. (LOL)
MC: We’ll anticipate it.
(Omg, LSG too cute, embarrassed while posing! LOL at crowd giggling.)
MC: Thank you. As expected, our anticipation wasn’t wasted.

LSG: This is Lee Seung Gi. Did you enjoy the live Media Day? Wide fridge, a lower freezer. I really feel like its a new and refreshing product within home appliances. You know that this type of innovative product is a T-type, right? As expected, advancing like that of Samsung. Samsung Zipel’s new T900~ Fighting.  (Omg, seriously, Seunggi = Samsung Zipel!)

How can questions and answers about a fridge so fun and interesting?!  Ha, only Lee Seung Gi can make it happen!  Omg, my mom would seriously love that fridge!

SSTV news

(video: SSTVnews)

TV Daily news

(video: 티브이 데일리)

Samsung Tomorrow cut

(video: SamsungTomorrow)

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks a million for translating!! have just watched the video without understanding And seriously beating myself up for not knowing Korean and there you are,being a godsend !! I always love him giving out interviews also , such a natural born speaker! 😪 missing him a lot!!

  2. I love everything about Seung Gi at this event – his hair, brilliant smile, cute pose, the interview (thanks for translating!). Aw Seung Gi, miss seeing you so much in a drama or variety show. Come back quickly.

  3. OMG, I want to get one! Smart and sincere, Seung Gi is such a charming salesman. I am totally sold!
    PS I had a good laugh regarding the fashion sense part.
    PPS I hope cody is not taking the easy way out; I am all for white shirts and jeans, but think someone should work for his salary!

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