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Uhm-chin-ah Seunggi’s 1N2D morning mission anthem

A much-needed snow day and a new year’s resolution for more balance has made LSGfan way productive and a master multi-tasker!  And I’m totally feeling motivated by Avril’s upbeat song played on the Jan 30 Sunday’s 1N2D morning mission!

OMG, the PDs chose the perfect track for Seunggi!  Ok, I’m totally against any sort of messing around, but this excerpt from Avril Lavigne’s song is like the perfect anthem for upstanding uhm-chin-ah Seunggi ~ “But honestly I just need to be a little crazy!  All my life I’ve been good, but now woah, I’m thinking what the hell!” Hahahaha.  NOT!  Check out the hilarious Seunggi cuts and English translation below…

(Videos: tryp96;  English: LSGfan)

LSG:  Hyung-nims, you have won.
Please sleep well.
Bye Bye~
PD Na:  Go ahead and leave.

PD:  Seunggi, how’s your state of mind right now?
LSG: State of mind? What’s the use of asking that now?
Have the hyungs passed away?
Hyung, just wave your hand to signal that you’re alive.
Thank you.  Ah, they’re alive.

Can you hand me a horn?  Hodong-sshi! Kang Ho Dong sshi!
Lee Soo Geun sshi!  Get up!
(They won’t be able to withstand this!)

Hodong hyung!  How about you try to win the game?
Soogeun hyung, get up!
Jongmin hyung, you have to help me. A snowfight’s started.

Seunggi’s 1N2D morning mission anthem song from Avril on repeat…

(video: TheRSll)

More 1N2D SeungGi cuts:

And more…

And even more…

2 Responses

  1. Hi Ann! Thank you so much for the translation. Now I understand what’s being said. :) I know that you’re very busy but I still hope for you to have time to do translations of SeungGi moments. :) Sorry for being selfish. :(

    Perfect track for SeungGi indeed! LOL

    Again, thank you very much. Take care and God bless you always.

  2. OMG, Ann, I can’t believe you were still able to make this post when having a ton of works to do. Love you, Ann.
    P/S: I sent the new links to your email ^ ^

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