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Seunggi in Micky Mouse poncho at Disneyland, Hong Kong

Omg, that cute furry chipmunk hat thing (and Micky Mouse ponchos!) are killing me!

Did Seunggi choose to do this pose OR did someone tell him to pose cute like that?!  Whoa~ such stark contrast to Lee Seojin…

Lee Seojin’s too cool for school, pulling it off with total ease!  Pedigree family, NYU business school degree, Lee Hyori and Kim Jungeun are your former girlfriends~ all help!  He was really posing, but trying NOT to seem like he was posing!

Don’t think he was probably that into his Micky Mouse rain poncho! Hehe.

But I bet Seunggi was super ecstatic about being decked out in full poncho rain gear!  LOL.  (My parents loved making us all wear those touristy things when it rained during sightseeing vacations! *Cringe*)

Enewsworld: Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin Visit Hong Kong’s Disneyland

Soompi: Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin Visit Hong Kong Disneyland Together

Ooooh, but can’t help but to prefer images of smoldering LSG vs. goofy LSG! Nice~

Whoa~ can’t believe a Malaysia Airen bumped into Seunggi on this day!  That’s so freaking like amazing!  In Hong Kong?!  In Disneyland?!  In typhoon-ish, gloomy, rainy weather?!  On same day, at same time?!  Awesome!

Congrats Yoke~ best unexpected, most memorable graduation gift ever!

lsgairenint: [My fan account] Meeting Seung Gi at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong News – Don’t think they imagined making it into the news like this?!

(video: Tryp96/AirenNews01)

Aw~~~~ How sweet~~~~

Images: Twitter, DCLSG/As labeled

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