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Lee Seunggi runs with fans in Hong Kong airport [2012.07.23]

OMG, I can watch these all day!  Hong Kong news and Airens so jjang!  Seunggi looks sorta overwhelmed by passionate fangirls!  But can tell he loves and appreciates it!

Hong Kong news – @0:29 Seunggi: ‘It was good, it was good, yeah’~~ and I melt!

(video: eel2kl)

Aw, don’t think he was expecting such a passionate reception from Hong Kong fans! Airens are so cute AND great sprinters! Hahaha. REPORTER: How was it in London to pass the Olympic torch? LSG: It was good, it was good. Yeah. (and my heart melts!!!!!) LOVE how Seunggi speaks in English! Just like in The King 2 Hearts and 1N2D! It’s this mix of cute and hot, and great pronunciation! Wahhh~~~~!!!!

Hong Kong news – So, Lee Seo Jin = Ajusshi… and Lee Seung Gi = Oppa?!

(video: AirenNews01)

Yay for ACTOR Lee Seunggi highlights – Brilliant Legacy, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, The King 2 Hearts – Whoa, pretty impressive list with great chemistry. Love the kiss cuts! Hoi Couple is still one of the cutest Kdrama couples ever! New drama please!

Fancam – Standstill.  Aw, fans so happy to see him, makes me happy!

(video: seungsun love)

Whoa, sweet chaos.  So sweet of LSG saying Thank You to fans for the gifts, and trying to move his baggage trolley forward (unsuccessfully!) while smiling.  More English from LSG to the reporter: I’m sorry I can’t hear you now!  (and I melt again!!!!)

Aw, I really like Manager (who seems taken aback by all this too!) protecting Seunggi.  He says, ‘we need to get out.’  Who’s the other Korean guy who shows up?  He tells LSG and Manager to leave first and that he’ll take the trolley.  (so that’s why LSG left his bags there and made a run for it.  That guy advised him to.)

When Reporter asks about the masters degree, Manager is like um, can you please wait and asks crowd to please make some space (aw, love manager friends!)  Omg, I LOL’d at Seunggi and Manager’s SO not subtle move to leave the scene, as directed!

Fancam – More of the standstill to run…  Airens got quick feet!

(video: GenePig811226)

Fancam – Running with Seunggi, down the escalator, to the bus!

(video: natsitt133)

Already so much fun and Seunggi’s Hong Kong trip’s only really begun!  Can’t wait to see more daebak on the grounds reporting from Hong Kong Airens!!  Hahaha.  Love the fan accounts from the airport arrival posted at Tryp96 blog…

Koalab’s Fan Account of SeungGi’s Arrival in Hong Kong

AY’s Fan Account of SeungGi’s Arrival in Hong Kong

Instyle is my FAVE magazine!  I have great faith in their top-notch judgment for an awesome photoshoot for Seunggi.  Just please let there be an Instyle Cody present at ALL times during the shoot! (keeping Cody, Hairstylist, Hook from having any input!!!)

Hope Seunggi has a great Day 1 photoshoot… despite the typhoon weather!

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13 Responses

  1. When I heard about it, I’m a bit worried because an airen said that’s a chaos, thanks for koalab account, hopefully he doesn’t feel annoyed!! Airen love him everywhere!

    • It looks more like sweet chaos to me. He just seems sorta overwhelmed (because Seunggi is the only one who doesn’t seem to realize he’s an effin beloved celeb! Hahaha). He didn’t looked scared at all to me. And he was still really polite, as were Manager-nims, telling fans to be careful.

      That helper guy came over and told LSG and his manager to leave his bags there and get out of the standstill area. that’s why they decked out and got out, started running.

      Loved that Seunggi’s arrival made the news! Hong Kong Airens are seriously awesome!

  2. It’s hilarious to me that this guy STILL doesn’t get it that he’s famous overseas. If he had a respectable fan reception in Poland and the UK then it should be kind of obvious that he’ll be famous in the rest of SE Asia. I’m expecting craziness at his FMs in Singapore and Taiwan. Hopefully by then he’ll ‘get it’.

    From a fan’s account she met Seung-gi shopping the very same day as his arrival. She also happened to be the airport. Talk about luck!!

    I’m absolutely loving all the attention he’s receiving overseas what with him being not being an idol and not having done a movie. *squeeeeeee*

  3. Another fan account said at times Seung Gi was actually snickering, totally enjoying the commotion he created! Afterwards that fan had to brave the typhoon to get back home in China (the mainland side) – talk about dedication!

    I am very impressed by the H.K. press. Love the second clip, such a succinct yet complete report! The reporter in the first clip did a good job waylaying Seung Gi too – thanks to him we heard that lovely sentence, “it was good.” It was good indeed!

    • haha….he was all smiles in the pix!!:) When he made his way into the Arrivals he was like “WTF?! These people, for me.O_O” LOVED that the fans were touching him with reverence like he was a demigod.

  4. Hi, in fact, after Seung gi ‘escaped’ with his manager on the minibus, he actually returned to pick up the team including cody and manager, that were left behind. Some fans were still there and he opened the curtains of the minibus and waves to them again. We should have stayed there a bit longer. We would have seen him again.

  5. And Ann, when I saw Cody and said hi to him, I thought about you but I don’t speak Korean and I didn’t think it would be nice be critical in that situation! Hahaha.

    • Loved the 2 fan accounts! Omg, when I read your fan account part about you saying Hi to Cody, my first thought was… how could she be so nice to him???!!! hahahaha. You are a sweet fan! As seem most Airens! As for LSGfan… well, I can’t help it, but Cody stresses me out!!!! I don’t want to despise him, but he makes it hard not to!

      Do you have plans to ‘bump’ into Seunggi again around Hong Kong??!!! Hope so! We need more goodies!

  6. Lee seung gi really doesn’t have any idea how beautiful he is to many. And this makes him sooo adorable.

    • I mean, at the airport, he looked like he was totally surprised that, all too suddenly, there were many fans. Of course, you Seung Gi has many fans, devoted & loyal fans.

      Your work & your pursuits, Seung Gi, inspire us, not only to always support you, but also to become better in what we do with our lives.

      To you, Seung Gi, hope you find the time to read this – Sending out warmest wishes to you. Stay well. Stay happy.

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