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Euro 2012 soccer and travels with Lee Seung Gi in Poland

I feel like I’m scrapbooking LSG’s stop-over trip in Poland!  Getting paid to travel and write for Lonely Planet would be a dream job… so, thank you Seunggi, for helping me hone my writing through LSGfan!  So, after being surprised by fans at Warsaw airport, looks like LSG packed in lotsa stuff during his short stay.  Love all the fan photos shared online!  Hope Manager Friend took lotsa photos too and plans to share!

June 21. First stop and probably most important. Euro 2012 soccer championship quarterfinal match – Czech Republic v. Portugal.

In the final minutes, Ronaldo scores the only goal of the match and gives Portugal the win!  Ronaldo is so awesome!  It really sucks when your team loses, so I’m so glad Ronaldo and Portugal won.  Or else Seunggi and his friends would’ve felt so down.  How perfect that Ronaldo plays for Manchester United during the regular season, where Seunggi was headed to be a torchbearer!  Hehe. (oops, meant to write ‘used to play for them’ and that Korea’s top star Park Ji Sung plays for Man United now!)

So cool that Seunggi scored these tickets through Samsung and got to stop over in Poland.  Some of the other torchbearers were there too?  Um, like that girl seated next to LSG… no comment.  Just glad Manager Friend is by his side at all times!

Wonder why Seunggi decided to sport eye-wear fashion during the match.  He’s got his sunglasses hanging on his shirt buttons.  Actually, I prefer the pix with him in glasses.  Nerdy cool is good. And he’s sporting another very nice watch!

LOL at LSG trying to take selca photos… does he even do that kind of stuff?  Because he’s got the angling all wrong!  From top to bottom is always the most flattering angle for any selca shot!  Looks like he figured that out after the first try! But still off… Ha.

OMG, the range of expressions and emotions below make me LOL!!!!  I’ve seen them regularly when watching sports with my dad or guy friends!  And it’s an even worse roller coaster when you’re at the actual sporting events!  I’m so glad Ronaldo scored a goal and wonl.  It makes Seunggi’s stopover in Warsaw and the quarterfinal match way more memorable!  Omg, I think the game stressed him out bad!

After the game, outside his hotel?  Polish fans~ you’re awesome!  Love you guys!  Omg, Seunggi looks exhausted.  I’d be too.  That was an emotional soccer match!

Dining out.  Photos with Polish fans at a Korean restaurant.  He’s a foodie (thru 1N2D!), so I’m sure he ate Polish food during his trip too.  Probably went to the Korean restaurant to show support for and encourage the Koreans living in Poland.

Allkpop: Lee Seung Gi holds the ‘little brother’ title… even in Poland!

Soompi: Lee Seung Gi Snaps a Picture with Foreign Fans

Sightseeing.  And photo with a MALE fan.   Love it!  But what up with the ajusshi look.  Plain white t-shirt under the cardigan = better than the button down.

June 22, 2012.  Back at airport.  Leaving Warsaw, Poland and en route to Manchester, England.  And this girl is really strategic OR lucky.  Photo with Seunggi after the soccer match (above) and then photo with him the next day at the airport below!!!

Ok, full disclosure~~~ I checked out her facebook and she had listed being a fan of JYJ and someone else, can’t remember.  Now, she better list Seunggi too, since he took the time to take a photo with her… not once, but twice!   Glad she shared these photos.  Love Seunggi’s pose above!

THE LOOK: Retro plaid suit.  I totally dig it… for a fashion shoot, yes!  But not really, for airport fashion.  I think Cody was going for British vibe to commemorate the England trip.  But it’s perfectly fitted and tailored to his body, so I’m in love!  Plus the shirt is stylishly unbuttoned sufficiently!  The belt is perfect.  The hair looks great and love the sunglasses!  OMG, I hope Cody is not trying to build false fashion hopes in me!

FANCAM – Why does LSG’s style and walk totally remind me of Dokko Jin here?!?!

(video: ningyo88)

More awesome fan photos with a very svelte and fashionable Lee Seung Gi!!!!

Super happy he’s having a fantastic fun time on his Europe trip… but can’t help but to feel a twinge of heartbreak at all the fan photos with various girls?!?!  huhuhu…

Images: Chosun, DCLSG, Twitter

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8 Responses

  1. ^”…but can’t help but to feel a twinge of heartbreak at all the fan photos with various girls?!?!”

    aww! Perhaps you should start preparing yourself since he seems ready to be in a relationship.

    Too funny that you checked out the girl’s FB. Was she one of the torchbearers or Samsung reps (they seem to be dressed in blue)?

    Btw, Ronaldo now plays for Real Madrid. He left Man U in 2009.

    • Thx for the correction! Meant to write ‘used to play for them’ and that Korea’s top star Park Ji Sung plays for Man United now!

      yeah, I want LSG to be happy and date. Just like me. But still feel heartbreak twinge! I didn’t log into FB, so could only see her interests and LSG was definitely not listed. Forgot her twitter, that’s where I saw her FB account. But love all the girls for showing love for LSG and sharing pix! I feel like I’m traveling with him! ha.

      • HI LSGFAN, just wanted to know your opinion on voting at mnet.heard that many fans are not voting becoz of the boots voting scam and mnet taking no action.lsg voting rate has ben dropping drastically.lately there has been no talk of voting even at dclsg.could you throw some light and your stance on this topic. while i am of the view no matter what we should always vote for our king. hoping for a reply,anyways always appreciative of your bautiful penwork,fighting!

      • I didn’t mean to insinuate anything negative when I stated about you checking out the girl’s FB. Since we WANT to be in these girls’ places I myself have been guilty of checking out fan accounts, etc. It was an off-hand remark. :)

  2. Glad you’re back. Missed your perspective – your blog is more than just about photos and events (although I appreciate those too). You give your take on things which makes for interesting reading long after the fact.

  3. zomg. ann! i swear, those european fans are super lucky in the entire world. good seunggi for putting his arm when having a photo together just like a real cool star. :) props to the fans who placed so much effort to make seunggi feel welcome. im glad he had a good time in europe.i hope! and i hope one day i can have a photo with him,. hahahah

    btw. love those shades. haha

  4. Cant’ bellieve he was there cheering for my country! So cool. Portugal is the best :)
    How I wish I was there watching too… with him even better :)

  5. lee seung gi already in second place….please vote to him…http://global.mnet.com/choice/vote.m

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