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Sneak peek: Lee Seung Gi for Instyle in Hong Kong…

OMG~~~~~!!! Ackkkkk~~~~!!!!! Love this BTS photo from the fashion shoot! Can’t wait to see more! This is WHY Instyle is my fave mag! Knew they would give Seunggi the fashion/style treatment he so freaking deserves!! Can’t believe we have to wait until the Instyle September edition!!! Please let more BTS photos surface~~~!!!!

Image: DCLSG/Hook twitter

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6 Responses

  1. Nice, very nice. Love the hairstyle and the clothes! And the photography!

  2. A lil too small but hairstyle looks like something I’d like!!

  3. He look so adorable!Love the hairstyle and the clothes too^^woot!

  4. Everything is perfect here: the hair, the clothes, the eyes, the mood….love it!

  5. Looking very dapper, our king.

  6. The café shop likes antic style ,so he look veary perfecting match with his fashion & place.His face-looked like someone m.e.m.o.r.y…….!!!!

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