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More Instyle phototweets and Seunggi shares his vitamins

Aw, loved Photographer Oh Joong Seok’s phototweets during the Instyle photoshoot in Hong Kong.  And are we at all surprised that Seunggi shared his vitamins with each and every person after they wrapped, telling everyone they worked hard!  The sense of responsibility and care for the production crew, whether it be photoshoot, drama, or tv program~~  it’s stuff like this, he does regularly, makes us all love him all the more!!

Allkpop – Lee Seung Gi amazes with candid photos

Enewsworld – Even Rough Cuts of Lee Seung Gi Praised For His Good Looks

So these photos seem like they were just candids.  Love these all the more for that!  Curious to see the photoshoot concept and the final photos selected for the spread.

Instyle feature editor Choi Hanna’s tweet about Seunggi …

Anyone really that surprised by this~~??!!!  Seunggi being thoughtful and caring??!!!  But I really wish she tweeted a photo of Seunggi from the set, instead of his vitamin, which is still precious in itself!

Images: Twitter, LSGfan

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