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Seunggi says sunbae Lee Seo Jin is afraid of variety shows

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

Strong Heart.  July 19, 2011.  Actress Yoon So Yi (SBS “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”) was a guest.  She’s very close to actor Lee Seo Jin (also represented by Seunggi’s Hook Entertainment).  She said he called her during the filming to check on her, but then called Seunggi to make sure she was doing a good job.

(video: Rapport2010)

Ironically, Lee Seojin’s current new sageuk drama on MBC (Kye Baek) is on at the same time as Yoon So Yi’s SBS drama (Warrior Baek Dong Soo).  His drama has a top-notch cast and great writers and PD but I don’t think the ratings have been as high as they anticipated.  That is, not yet.  The SBS drama started a few weeks earlier and has higher ratings.  Would love to see Lee Seo Jin on Strong Heart while Seunggi’s still an MC.  Although highly unlikely since his drama is on MBC.

Hope Seunggi’s getting some acting tips and lessons from him!  I’m just SO glad there is ANOTHER actor (or at least another entertainer aside from Teacher Sunhee!) for Seunggi at Hook!  I was uber thrilled when Lee Seojin signed with Hook.  Have to admit, I was really surprised that he chose Hook as his management company.

Will we get to see New York University graduate business school alum Lee Seojin and Seunggi hanging out in NYC again like back in Feb. 2011?~~

Outside of Carnegie Hall following Teacher Lee Sun Hee’s concert.

On the streets of NYC.  Just mixing in with the rest of the New Yorkers!  Love this!

Carnegie Hall practice room.  Omg, looks like a REAL family portrait!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Naver,  English: LSGfan

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One Response

  1. I am a big fan of Lee Seo Jin! Anyone not familiar with him please check out LOVER(S) esp where he couldn’t tear himself away from Kim Jung-Eun and the ensuing brooding-while-driving scene…Classic! (SG did one just as good in MGIG. I think I have a thing about anguished men holding a steering wheel!)

    Maybe LSJ’s afraid that the KJE affair will be brought up during SH? I still hold up hope for that union – what if they resume it secretly???

    SG can certainly learn a lot from the very worldly LSJ…But I really don’t know what LSJ saw in Hook! Hopefully we’ve missed something redeeming about Hook, for SG’s sake!

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