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Seunggi in hat! at Hong Kong airport arrival gate [2012.07.23]

[July 23, 2012].  Now that I’m gotten over it…  Whew~ major sigh of RELIEF when LSG walked through arrival gate at Hong Kong airport… in a hat!  He saw all the rants about his ‘mushroom hair’ (online on the plane)?!  Or, a smartie in his entourage advised it wasn’t a great idea to show up in Hong Kong for the first time ever, with such an inexplicable coif!  Either way, thank you whoever you are!!  Thank you HAT!

Aw, so cute~~~~

Can’t get enough of Seunggi running with fans cuts upon arriving in Hong Kong!

Whoa, so manly…

Ooooohhh~~ sexy back~~~

Hong Kong press photos rock!  Hope that girl on the left accomplished her mission and got to hold Seunggi’s hand!

LSG’s expression!  Cute ‘Seunggi’ Korean sign that girl has .  And is that other girl wearing our King Lee Jaeha’s Heritory cardigan from The King 2 Hearts??!!  Nice.

My fave~~!! This fangirl’s expression is just too cute! Aw, and LSG just SO loves it!

Hehe, Lee Seo Jin coming out of the gate first.  He’s too cool for school~~!!

But seriously, what was going on at Incheon Airport earlier that morning in Korea??!!

Oh dear Seunggi~~~ Wae ~~??  Wae ~~??  Wae ~~??

Who did that mushroom hair number on you?  Or who told you it was okay to go out like that to Hong Kong and be photographed by the press?!

I think it actually could’ve really worked if he only just chose ONE hipster-nerd thing…  nerdy mushroom hair OR nerdy glasses!

But I absolutely LOVE the t-shirt!  Casual and stylishly hot!  He looks great in it!


Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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One Response

  1. Look at you swooning!! heh Do you still maintain the stand of admiring LSG or his recent physical charms have brought you over to the dark side?! :P Barring the mushroom hair I’ll say that I love that he lets his beautiful skin breathe and not cake it under BB cream and or makeup!

    Even with this break it looks like he’s been working out [hello veiny neck and sexy broaaaad back!!], working on his English speaking skills, and his CF responsibilities.

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