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Handsome Lee Seung Gi leaves Lowry Hotel for torch relay!

Seunggi’s torch relay is soon (2:44 BST)!  I’ve got both BBC and London2012.com live streams up!  But WTF with Hook and Samsung announcing just a few hours ago that NOW, fans can watch LSG run, while for weeks leading up to this, they said it would be closed off so fans can’t get in?!?!  Well, Seunggi is sporting good hair, so I’m just happy about that!  Hope it stays in place while he jogs!  LOL.  I don’t even mind his thicker/heavier than needs to be (but stylish) jacket!  This K-blogger said her husband is a torch bearer so she flew to Manchester with him.  She was hoping to see Seunggi too, but figured she wouldn’t get a chance…

Her husband’s part of the relay finished earlier than expected and when they returned to the hotel, she saw Seunggi get off the elevator!  She was super excited!  And said what we all know… how he’s so handsome, and is even better looking in person! (Ha)  She said the torch relay is a bigger deal then she had thought.  So glad Seunggi is a part of this!  Can’t wait to see his brief run!  Excited and nervous~~!!!!

Images:  As labeled/Naver blog

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3 Responses

  1. Just watched the relay live and was so excited to Seung Gi! He looks so handsome!!!! Beyond handsome, in fact. The hair, the smile, the white outfit, the run, they are all perfect! So glad that he looks smart and fabulous. What a relief after a series of ahjuhssi clothings and that permed and piled up (sigh) hairstyle…Welcome back Ann and thanks for the update!

  2. Agreed with trish and what’s more, Seung Gi looks like a real athlete, trim, fit, energetic, and totally enjoying the moment! Love love love his smile and waves – so natural!

  3. me too i had same feeling with you guys.. I never been proud as a fan on my entire life seeing Seunggi taking this BIG part as a torch relay runner in the Olympics. Hes been a part of the history of the Olympics..Just too proud.

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