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Olympic torchbearer Lee Seung Gi arrives in Manchester

Couldn’t miss out on our torchbearer’s special day in Manchester!  So LSGfan is back online (after a brief offline protest of Hook, Cody, and Hairstylist).  And based on Seunggi’s Europe photo and news travel log… *sigh*  Who do I despise more?!?!~ Hook or Cody?!  They’re both ridiculous and clueless.  Airens spread awesome LSG fandom while Hook’s nonexistent, uncool PR and promotions are… *double sigh*

Despite the continuous inexplicable fashion and style sabotage from the 3 Stooges(!), much love to the amazing Airens and world fans for capturing our LSG’s lovely smile for the rest of us!  Seeing him so happy and having fun makes me super duper happy too!  Can’t wait to live stream his torch relay jog…   Per Tryp, Seunggi’s scheduled to run at 2:44 BST.  Yay, 9:44am EST in the USA!!  I’m excited and nervous!!!  The sporty  torchbearer uniform should fit his body perfectly, so Hairstylist… please don’t screw things up on your end for LSG’s world-wide moment~~~~!!!!

London2012.com – Torch Relay live stream

BBC – Torch Relay live stream


Woot Woot!  Thanks Samsung for choosing Actor and Singer, and 3-year Zipel CF model Lee Seung Gi as one of the torchbearers to represent Korea!!  Yipee!!!

Makes perfect sense…   He cheered for Korea and Kim Yuna in the KB CF during the Vancouver winter olympics too, and his song Smile Boy was the unofficial BGM for the Winter Olympics coverage on SBS.  Seriously, I’m so proud to be a FAN!!!

Manchester Airport arrival photos, June 22, 2012…

Nice sunglasses touch.  I always love A-lister LSG vibe, since he like rarely chooses to be that way!  Um… no comment on his suit ensemble, except…  great tailored fit and kinda cool retro pattern choice, but really, was this necessary for this particular event and flight trip?!?!  Something more simple, solid color would’ve been way better.  But Cody always loves to leave one aspect out and drive me nutso crazy!

Ohhhhh. Hot!  Love this shot!

Very nice back detail!!!!!  Again, very hot!!!

Wow, the fans are so up close while getting signatures from him!!!!

Aw, always love this Seunggi expression.  So cute!!!

OMG, why do I love the LSG fanboys so much!!!  I so want to hug this dude!

Always treating fans with true sincerity.  What’s not to love??!!!

Awesome Airens~~~!!!  You guys rock!!! Love you guys!  Can’t wait for more…!!!!

Images: DCLSG, Naver, As labeled

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8 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you’re back Ann! Missed your blog!

  2. missed your blog and your beautiful penwork…always appreciative of your hard work…

  3. just saw the voting%drop for sunggi from yesterday is drastic.SJK is rising at such a fast pace.and KSH is steady.so,plz crazily voting
    for LSG till 27th.plz…………

  4. we missed you! Seunggi oppa is running soon!!!! Fighting!

  5. happy you’re back ,miss your not one sided,truthfully comments. and his suit…..totally english style :)

  6. Hi Ann, welcome back! I just saw Seung gi online on BBC. He’s really good and smart looking. He put up his hand from time to time to greet the viewers. It’s a historical moment for me as a fanmom in Canada. Thanks for coming back in time for me to catch this moment to shine.

  7. Hip Hip Hooray for the return of the great blogger!!!

  8. Agree Ann, first saw Seunggi with this outfit on tryp’s blog i kind of question to Cody what’s with the outfit..and all i got to my comment was thumbs down.. hahaha..but the next picture i saw Lee Seunggi sightseeing in manchester headline i almost got an heart attacked… my BP goes up.. OMO! whats with the red scraf??? that I wanted to kill his cody personally for what he has done to Seunggi’s fashion.. WTF with that red scarf… haizz! did you see it Ann? grrrr…..

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