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Paparazzi catch Lee Seung Gi being polite, well-mannered!

“Model student event when out and about”…
Lee Seung Gi, every-day life is well-mannered

English:  LSGfan via Dispatch/Nate (Reporter 강내리)

There are stars who change 180 degrees once the cameras turn off.  They are super humble in front of the cameras, yet become super arrogant off camera.  That’s the way it is with images.  That’s how it’s made.  And fans love that made up image.

On the other hand, there are stars who don’t change, even when the cameras turn off.  Stars, whose broadcast tv and daily lives are the same.  For example, Lee Seung Gi is like that.  His cheerful demeanor shown on ‘Strong Heart’ also shows in his everyday life.  His polite, well-mannered demeanor that we got to see on ‘1 Night 2 Days’ also resonates in his everyday life.

On June 28, we met Lee Seung Gi in front of Shinsadong Dosan Park.  It appears he had brunch at a popular cafe within Bae Yong Joon’s restaurant.  We got photos of him leaving after having an early lunch with friends and acquaintances. 

Sure enough, he was a well-mannered guy.  Polite even in his everyday life.  Even the way he was talking with the acquaintance was strikingly well-mannered.  He lowered his head and listened courteously when the other person was talking, and then answered with a big smile.

As the acquaintance got ready to leave first, he also bowed lowering his back.  Upon seeing him flash his signature  bright smile, it felt as if we were watching a tv broadcast.  It felt familiar.  I could understand why the nickname ‘Nation’s younger brother’ is attached to Lee Seung Gi.

His model student fashion was noticeable too.  Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers were it.  His only accessory was a watch.  No signs that he was made-up.  You could tell what his natural everyday fashion was just by seeing the crease in his shirt.

His face was natural too, as planned.  It was a perfect no make-up face.  Hair was also as is, after washing and coming out.  Didn’t even use any gel or wax.  And it wasn’t even a way to disguise and try to look common.  He wasn’t wearing the celebrity essentials of sunglasses and hat.  Brown horn-rimmed glasses were all. 

On this day, he looked to be enjoying himself.  Even after exiting the restaurant, he stood around for a while.  He waited until the other car blocking his moved and didn’t rush things.  Even though it was Kangnam with people rushing around, he looked laid back and relaxed.

These days, upon wrapping ‘The King 2 Hearts,’ Lee Seung Gi has been focused on activities abroad.  Last month, he had his first Japan concert at the ‘dream stage’ Budokan.  He is planning to meet Taiwanese and Chinese fans in Singapore.  Wishing the best for him, that his charms get conveyed beyond Korea into Asia.

*Correction to article: Seunggi is holding separate fan meetings in Singapore (August) and Taiwan (September).

That acquaintance guy looks like the ajusshi that was in all those photos with Seunggi during his Europe trip, no?  Wonder who he is.

Aw, Seunggi, so many times I want you to be more celeb-ish and own up and act like the 25-year old star you are~~~!!! But it’s because, unlike other stars…

You don’t care to gel your hair (but I love hot gelled-up hair!).  You don’t regularly wear essential BB cream (ok, you should do this more often!).  You don’t accessorize with the usual star-essentials like a stylish hat (miss your fedora obsession!) and/or fashionable sunglasses (why only at the airport or abroad?!)…  And you’re not a self-absorbed, arrogant, stardom consumed guy…

This makes LSG so special and different from all those other guys (many whom I find hot!).  But I’m still dying to see more celeb-ish, star-like fashion/style, demeanor from Seunggi too, please!!  Can’t be Nation’s younger brother forever!  This upcoming Instyle photoshoot better be daebak, or else… you know who’s to blame… again!

We all miss seeing Seunggi on tv!  Huhuhu~~~  Hope to see him soon!

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9 Responses

  1. Missing him~~~

  2. I prefer unpretentious, low-key, and well-mannered Seung-gi since I really was taken to those very qualities. These qualities aren’t mutually exclusive from him looking like a million bucks.

  3. thanks for subbing..

  4. I love him just simple as this.. ^^ and his personality which I think the number one reason I super LOVE this guy, even he is wearing his pyjamas and have hair-bed hair style.. haha ;D thank you Ann, for the translations.. :)

  5. Luv him for whatever he do and thanks for subbing and keep update about our Seung Gi.. hehe Seung Gi hwaiting.. ^^ GBU

  6. i don’t care, i love his style. It’s more of “my” style, than the celebrity “Seunggi” style. Definitely laid back, jeans shirt man , my taste :) I bet he’d even look hot even with a simple white shirt and jeans. everything he wears he owns it, and seeing him like this reminds us he is just like everybody else

  7. Love his comfy style yet like you Ann, i want also to see the other side of Seunggi, the stylish & trendy Seunggi or should i say the more celebrity side of Seunggi in terms of fashion..suit for his 25 y/o age…
    I’m also happy to know that he got this free time enjoying with his friends..missing Seunggi on tv already…

  8. He is such a nice guy that I wish I was in Korea right now just to meet him for a few minutes I wish him all the best at everything he does

  9. That is his style, and I like it so much. Because the real celebrity is who can show the good example for their fans…
    lgs oppa is the nice celebrity..i wish the best for him,

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