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Lee Seung Gi summer suit airport fashion, Korea [2012.06.20]

Back-tracking a few days…  before Seunggi’s Olympic Torch Relay in Manchester.  June 20, 2012.  Seoul, Incheon Airport.  En route to England for the Olympic Torch Relay via Warsaw, Poland to watch the Euro 2012 Czech v Portugal soccer match.

THE LOOK:  Light colored jacket-pants suit ensemble with simple, stylish pocket white t-shirt and dark brown formal shoes.  Chic snake or crocodile skin bone-colored messenger bag and a super nice black-faced gold watch.  And looking VERY manly…

It’s one of his best recent airport outfits (which really doesn’t say much)!  Suit fit is a little off like usual… his body tends to be more muscular than skinny.  Also kinda dressy for celeb airport fashion, but I think it’s because he’s officially traveling as one of Samsung’s Korean Torchbearer reps.  At least, I didn’t think ‘Ajusshi’ when I saw the press photos, so in that sense, I guess I’m pretty content!  Crazy Cody has made me lower my fashion standards over the years!

OMG, I love his bag!!!  I usually don’t like snake/crocodile skin, but love the color!  Plus, it seems a little less pretentious when it’s a messenger bag vs. a handbag/purse?!

Hehehe.  Like these sequence shots!

Airen fans are so awesome!  Always showing up at the airport to cheer for LSG!

And all the thoughtful gifts…  Aw, Seunggi looks so happy.

OMG, camera man almost tripping trying to film Seunggi!

Samsung Supporters for Lee Seung Gi~~~~ totally rock!

Ooooh~~~~  nice passport case!  Color matches his bag!  LSG looking good!

Wow, lucky passengers who happened to be flying to Warsaw, Poland on this day!

Images: As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. this one is quiet good compare to his other airport fashion.. Just love to see his smiling & happy face..Kudos to the never ending support of the fans..

  2. Yes, I love this outfit and all the accessories. That messenger bag!!! I heard two fans (?) calling out as he was clearing the ticket check, “slowly, slowly.” I guess everyone was worried that he might take a fall during the rally, hahaha.

  3. rocking the miami vice look:) lsg looking all sorts of manly!

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