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Lee Seung Gi’s Activia fan event talk and fun [July 2012]

[July 5, 20120]  Wah~~~ I can’t help but to smile too!  The LSG smile effect!

(video: 믿고보는 이승기)

Looking so sweet while signing!  Funny MC entertains the crowd…

MC: Others are saying~~ How about me?! How about me?! (Crowd reacts!)
MC: This mom next to me… you’re so different when Seunggi’s here! (LOL)
MC: (Male fan big round of applause from fans! LOL!) Lee Seunggi’s male fan… really impressive. Male fans too. Lee Seunggi’s charm is wow…
MC: You look very pretty. Where did you buy your dress? (LOL)

Video: sgdhtinalove, English: LSGfan

Life-size doppelgangers~!!  He was really worried how fans would get them home!

MC: [says she’s close to LSG’s age, everyone’s like no way!] I’m 29. But I can’t have a dongseng (younger brother) like him… I would start to like him! (LOL) What, you all feel the same way too! Seunggi, I hope we get to meet again later. (Crowd says no!) We can’t??!! When I kissed you [in the Perioe CF], I though fans wouldn’t like it, but no one said anything. (Crowd says that’s because LSG wasn’t into it! Haha. Probably SO true!!!)

MC: Lee Seunggi’s 4 doppelgangers are coming in. Don’t be too shocked at how similar they look to LSG.  (Omg, LSG was totally surprised!)

MC: LSG holding the sign represents son of a wealthy home.  The other one is the sweet guy that says I will hug you guy.  We’ll let fans choose which one they want. What do you think of these?
LSG: When taking this photo… never thought I’d put my hand on his shoulder like this(!)… the photo came out better than I thought. This version explains the product’s health virtues. And this would be Lee Seunggi who provides service to people.
MC: So this is CF star who cares about your health.

MC: We’ll choose 4 fans. When LSG says stop, that number wins.

LSG: [fan wins] I’m wondering how you’ll get this home.  [next fan wins] Where do you want me to sign?  (Ha, she actually chose his chest!)
MC: You had to touch the chest?!
LSG: On the left-side chest?
MC: You all must like LSG’s chest? [Yes!] He has a good body too, right? [Yes] He’s just perfect… Handsome, also tall, is good at school. Also acts well, sings well… The 4 Lee Seunggi doppelgangers are all gone now.

MC: How will the Japanese fan bring it home?
LSG: I’m really concerned too. You can’t fold it up either. I’m worried.
MC: I think she may decide to live in Korea because of this now!  It’s time to say goodbye to LSG. [No!!!] This time together has been like a dream…

Video: sgdhtinalove, English: LSGfan

Was LOLing at the photo that surfaced of one of the life-size cut-out LSGs a fan took home with her the event!  Loved the title of her comment post… ‘I brought Seunggi home with me!’  Glad the Acti-choice Activia project event was successful.

I’m addicted to greekstyle Chobani yogurts, but just for Seunggi (the things he makes us do!)… I make sure to buy Activia too here in the US!

Images: DCLSG, Activia

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