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Seunggi in all-black airport fashion to Japan [2012.01.28]

(videos: yayako9663)

How come we only get to this fashion side of Seunggi when he’s involved in Japan activities??!!  Omg, I don’t remember the last time we got to see him in just a plain white t-shirt, v-neck sweater, shirt hanging out, and black casual pants~!!  Oooh, so exciting!  And thumbs up for the non-opaque black shades, still showing his eyes!

Glad Seunggi’s Japan fanmeet and live performance went well on Sunday!  All the best for his public music showcase tomorrow in Japan, Jan. 30!  Seunggi~~ you’re awesome!  You make it look so easy, but we your fans know all about your crazy back-to-back schedules of CF filming, Japan MV shoot, Strong Heart recording, fan signing, “King” script reading, 1N2D recording…  yet still giving 100%!  All this while also memorizing drama lines and preparing for Japan fan meet and showcase!

Working hard all the time, but doing it quietly.  No regular press interviews, nor press releases from his management, like others.  Even on Sunday’s 1N2D, Seunggi’s professionalism and sense of responsibility during that seasick inducing, scary boat ride said it all!  (Had me in tears!)  Wishing Seunggi the best for his showcase~~!!!

LOVE Seunggi’s offical Japanese website!  So, in addition to being hard of hearing, Captain Hook really is losing her sight too!  What else explains her continued front page look of the LSG official Korean site, even AFTER seeing the awesome Japanese site!!  (you know it’s bad when I’m linking/listing only his Japanese site to the right!)

More airport photos of Seunggi all-clad in simple, stylish black!

And yay, we have the same black sneakers!!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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11 Responses

  1. “you know it’s bad when I’m linking/listing only his Japanese site to the right!”
    Ahahaha~! But I agree with you 100%!!!

    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!! :)

  2. I think the number 1 clause in the Japan representation/management agreement is that Hook must leave everything related to the Japan venture, including but not limited to the fashion & styling of his majesty ON THE WAY to Japan – I mean, everything – to the Japanese.

    Even the fan meets merchandise is much better there!

    Oh well, at least Hook helped make the KING deal. One up, but please continue to learn and improve!

  3. Me love Airens fashion comments!
    And we still support uri Seung Gi always!

    Good luck today Seung! Fighting!!

  4. I love his new haircut, he looks good !

  5. Hi LSGFan! =) I was waiting for what will you say on SGi´s airport fashion.. he looks really cool right..! ^^
    and same sentiments on how the korean and japanese site is soo different.. and bitter to say the japanese fan merchandise looks much better too.. Hope Hook Ent. will have an open eyed soon..
    last, I really love his new haircut.. =)

  6. Hi Anne,

    You know recently I have been trying to watch some other Korean dramas after watching Gumiho and BL, I discovered this one series that was also written by the Hong Sisters (which was one of the reasons why i decided to watch it) and was recommended to me repeatedly by a friend. This was also shown in 2009 and though i find the lead guy’s makeup and overall attire entirely ridiculous, he was a very good actor, charismatic and mesmerizing on camera. Plus, he has a good voice too.

    Now why am i mentioning this here? well, after watching it I decided to google the lead guy to check what he looks like in real life, you know, without the makeup on and the girlish outfits. To my surprise and dismay, well, he looks a lot like the last 2 characters he played. Adam lambert keeps coming up to mind. His outfits are still outlandish and he keeps on the same makeup style as his characters on tv. I found out that dramabeans has also been blogging news about this guy and their post about his outfits really killed me. I was laughing so hard the other day I thought my lungs would burst!

    My point, I’m coming to it. I mean, considering that and seunggi’s wardrobe woes sometimes, I think we have it better. I have been thinking lately how much some of us keep getting frustrated with Seunggi’s cody and yet there’s this star who is so cheerfully and intentionally outlandish (esp during awards and special events OMG!!). Personality wise, he seems to me the polar opposite of Seunggi though I must say he is a very good actor who could be great given the right material. They are both very hardworking and ambitious though. I kept laughing reading his fans responses on the comments section, like, you break my heart..how can such a good looking guy do this to himself..etc. I won’t mention his name though you might know who he is, because despite all that, he has my respect as an artist.

    Ok my point on such a long post? I’m just happy to be a Seunggi fan. I still would whine and pull my hair whenever fashion backward cody messes him up, but somehow, knowing this other guy made things less frustrating for me knowing that somewhere around the globe there are others more frustrated than we are, hehehe.

    Thank you again anne, sorry for such a long post!!!
    Love the all black airport attire..

    • Dear sam,

      Sorry I had to jump in but I know exactly what and who you are talking about and I could not resist to say my piece :)

      Agree with you the guy is a very talented actor. But that drama? I tried it twice but ended up rolling my eyes and chugging it. I mean the plot of our cute girl just fated, I mean FATED, to fall in love with the guy is just so cliched and lazy! (By the way she looked a lot more like a real person in a certain teaser released recently!) To observe his acting talent I suggest a historical drama by the same writers.

      But my liking of him stops right there. Cannot stand the person, the image, the persona, the wardrobe, the marketing/promotion etc. etc.

      I am so glad I am a Seung Gi fan. It’s like everyday I can find a new reason to like him more!

  7. ok girls, am I going to have to be fan again…

    korean codys are notorious for putting their stars in crazy non-appealing outfits, but why I put Seunggi’s cody at perhaps the top of the worst offenders is the FIT/TAILORED issue! even if someone is wearing some ridiculous outfit, if it is fitted and tailored, you can accept it as high style or somewhat avant garde… and does something to make you believe that person is an charismatic actor…

    as for Seunggi’s cody and his over-sized ajusshi fits, it’s really the worst. even if he was wearing an outfit i didn’t like, at least if it looked like something a top star in his 20s should be wearing and oozed some charisma, i would totally be in glee. but, sadly, his non-tailored, older, blah outfits leave very little for a fashion-obsessed girl like me to get excited about. (thankfully, i am not a seunggi fan b/c of his fashion! LOL)

    dude, he can’t be nation’s younger brother forever… his cody needs to dress him like the top star he is, instead of some B-level star…. aghhhh… don’t get me started. and i think i may be the only one, who was like WTF when I saw his outfit from the Japanese showcase? again, why is it so hard to get a proper tailored jacket fit?! it would’ve made the ensemble look entirely different… sigh…

    nevertheless, i’m holding out for KING fashion!!!! please, don’t let my fashion sense down!

    KING KING KING~~~~!!!! :)

    • Ann, you are not the only one. Can’t believe he wore that at the press conference, sigh… At least, the CD jacket photos are great.

    • Agree with you but I have 1 question : coz you’re a Korean and you know about fashion, why don’t you send Hook a complaint mail or something similar to express your disappointment? I don’t think Hook will come here to read.

  8. Ha! I knew you would have a fit when the Japanese showcase thing was revealed. That jacket/coat – a Rococo Michelin Man??? Did they even put lining (almost said stuffing) in the sleeves?! So sorry, Seung Gi, you looked radiant, but, alas, the usually trust worthy Japanese failed big time here…Thank goodness you were in the greatest shape so the whole thing did not go down as a farce!
    But on the brighter side, Ann, do check out the fan meet/ mini-concert. Of the few clips I saw, his costumes looked wonderful, esp. the black shirt and pants ensemble – I guess this is a hit or miss business (but why???).

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