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Running Man Ep 120: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.18]

Special occasion – Seunggi on Running Man, something I’ve been dying to to see ever since 1N2D ended – so I couldn’t miss out on the live-stream.  Just like those 1N2D days of all of us online streaming the show real-time and spazzing over LSG cuts afterward!  Here’s a recap compilation of @LSGfan’s live-stream tweets during Running Man Ep 120 (part 1), with screencaps and gifs to make it more fun!  It’s focused on my bias~~~ Seunggi and Red Team!  Omg, I watched this episode like 5 times over 2 days!  Laughed so hard!  Seunggi IS just simply so awesome~~!!  Hilarious. Cute. Witty. Real.  Just makes us all automatically smile and laugh along…

Yay! Running Man is starting~~~ 007 Water Sniper. LOLs.

Jaesuk & Kwangsoo drive off in car together. Are they going to pick up their Red Team member~~??!!

puahahahahah~~~ Jaesuk – Kwangsoo grabbed Park Shinhye thinking she was Jihyo!

OMFG~~~~~~ It’s SEUNGGi~~~!!!!! talking about X-man with the PD!

Omg~~~~ Seunggi looks so handsome on Running Man!!!

Aw~~~~ Seunggi walks into store. Owner says… you’re Lee Seunggi! Everyone knows Seunggi!

Aw, Seunggi just gave shout-out to TVXQ~~ Catch me!

Seunggi in helmet and jacket disguise. Running Man members just walked past him!

HaHa just grabbed Seunggi, didn’t recognize him. lifted helmet. Hey he’s good looking! HaHa you rock!

Seunggi’s Nov 22 single to be released song playing~~~!!!!! Beautiful ballad voice!

Seunggi – Jaesuk – Kwangsoo have just been assigned to one team!

Jaesuk: Gosh, it’s been a really long time since I’ve done variety like this with Seunggi!

Kwangsoo: Hey how about me? I feel left out.

Seunggi: What are you talking about, Kwangsoo hyung? You’re the Ace. (Aw, Seunggi so sweet always. In MC mode)

OMG! Seunggi, Jaeksuk, Kwangsoo on the train together are HIL-arious!

Jaesuk showing so much love for Seunggi, making Kwangsoo jealous! Jaesuk rubs it in, says he thinks about Seunggi all the time! LOLs

omg Jaesuk and Seunggi back-and-forth talk is so funny!

seunggi jaesuk kwangsoo in car trying to fend off water hose with their toy water guns!

Mission Fail! puahahahaha. Going for a second try!

Fail again! Seunggi Jaesuk Kwangsoo doing simulation first to make it work! Going for one more try!

oh no mission fail. wahhh. Next team up. jongkook, shinhye, haha.

seunggi jaesuk kwangsoo up again! Let’s do it guys!

Yes! Seunggi watergunned down 1 can!

Seunggi shot down the second can!

Aw, but the 2 cans on other side weren’t shot down. Mission fail. next team up.

congrats to jongkook, haha, shinhye for the win. on to next mission for them. seunggi jaesuk kwangsoo aiming for 2nd place!

seunggi just shot down the 2 cans on his side! and jaesuk kwangsoo did the 2 others! yay! Mission accomplished!

Red team drive off. Jaesuk driving. seunggi in passenger seat, kwangsoo in the back. the 3 so funny! headed to swimming pool!

omg. chair fly into pool for yellow team. mission fail.

omg gary you so funny! blue team chair fly into pool too! Red team up…

Aw~~~ how can Seunggi be so handsome cute adorable before getting chair fly into the pool!

LOL~~~~~ cue Adele’s SKYFALL as Red Team gets thrown in water!

Whoa~~~ red team decides to take off their hoodies! Niiiiice~~~~ aw, but puts it back on. Boo~~~

aw~~~~ Seunggi’s beautiful voiced upcoming Nov 22 single track playing in background as he and red team thrust in water!

omg, seunggi jaesuk kwangsoo – the three together are so lovable and hilarious!

red team up again. and yay mission accomplished! So excited. seunggi jaesuk kwangsoo for the win!

Red team back in the car.simple banter but so HILarious! Go Red Team!

Seunggi: I’m so happy we won first place!

omg this next mission is seriously crazy. Seunggi has to put his body through the tennis racket.

oh no… mission fail. Heodang Seunggi. huhuhu.

Red team up again. got the flexible hanger. but mission fail. seunggi jaesuk trying to help kwangsoo = too funny

oh no red team fail again with the racket

aw congrats to jihyo gary sukjin for the win.

noooooooo. red team came in last place. we know seunggi hates to lose. back in the car. Jaesuk: You are the heodang, for sure.

Water gun fight. Aw, Haha and Seunggi joking around~~~ so sweet.

Aw, now Seunggi and Jongkook hyung.

Heodang Seunggi trying to open the cabinet! Aigoo~~~~

Whoa~~~~ Yes! Seunggi found a power water spray jug! LOLs

Red team Jaesuk got Haha! Haha = OUT

seunggi and kwangsoo team up to get jongkook. jongkook = OUT

Seunggi: I think we should get Jihyo noona out before we leave. Sorry noona. Jihyo = OUT

omg jaesuk and seunggi together = LOVE. Jaesuk: you’re such a heodang.

oh no. kwangsoo = OUT

seunggi jaesuk v gary! Seunggi got gary. gary = OUT. gary freaking out.

whoa sniper shinhye. she got jaesuk out of nowhere. jaesuk = OUT

seunggi going for shinhye~~~ Shinhye: Oppa don’t! (shinhye acting all cute trying to deter seunggi!

shinhye: Oppa, I’m really going to tell my management ceo on you! (ha she’s upset with seunggi getting her out!)

aw, seunggi feeling bad. but good for him to stand his ground not caving in to sweet shinhye. shinhye = OUT

YES~~~~~~ sukjin = OUT. Seunggi = WINNER!

Red team gets 1st place briefcases. End of Day 1 shooting. Next day…

end of episode. omg, preview for next Sunday’s Running Man is daebak~~~!!!!  Can’t wait till next week!

Watch LSG video cuts + full HD episode at Tryp96

Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. i really HATE the PD!!
    why did the PD kept using SeungGi..
    if the PD doesn’t put the USB in that shoe, he’ll win the golds..
    god.. i hate when people calling him ” heodang”

    • It’s one of his most charms makes him be more adorable. Because with this 2% flaw, that makes people recognize he’s still just an 98% perfect guy, that’s he’s a normal person but not a superman who’s not in reality. Haha

  2. But he *is* a heodang. He acknowledges it. And it’s part of his charm. :)

  3. What a great comprehensive recap. Seems like watching RM again with you.
    Now I understand why people watch variety shows if these two episodes are anything to go by. Highly entertaining, fun and at the same time giving us an insight into the personalities of the guests and the RM casts. Cannot even think of choosing among the numerous moments that made me burst out laughing so will just remark on some discoveries made by me.
    First and foremost, I have to acknowledge the skills and talents that LSG has are tailor made for variety, stage and live shows. RM perfectly showcases his ad lib proficiencies, athleticism, acting, sense of fun and social skills etc. These two episodes would not have been the same if he had been taken out of the mix. No wonder fans were craving for his appearance on a variety show for longest of times. Shinhye just keeps reconfirming with every appearance of hers the reasons why I love her. I won’t even go there except that she is adorable. I can now understand why Jaesuk is considered the top MC. Such dry wit and wonderful interactions with others. Kwangsoo with funniest of expressions and behaviour, Haha moments with water gun and acting as secret agent, Song ji hyo going around singing in the market, Gary’s quips were all hilarious.
    Wish we could have seen the edited scenes too. They should not have shown so many pics of those.
    All in all great FUN that ended in a flash.

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