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Park ShinHye listening to Seunggi’s album non-stop repeat

I never really knew much about Shinhye…  (I’m one of few who did not watch You’re Beautiful, and still am not drawn to it even now)… but ever since Seunggi started working with her on some side projects, I can’t help but to like her.  Plus, she’s so sweet to Seunggi, how can you not like her?!  And after this tweet from her about Seunggi’s album, like her even more!  Can’t wait to see Running Man episode 2 on Sunday~~!!!  Even more anticipating after these preview stills released by SBS…

Images: As labeled, SBS

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18 Responses

  1. Looks like she’s set her sight on our Seunggi! And YoonA too! Competition coming up! But they couldn’t have picked a better guy!

    • PSH is one smart girl to have done that in 2004 when she was 14……that’s how long she has known him. :)

    • Nah, PSH does that often to her friends. She is just a sweetheart who loves giving back and loyal to her friends
      They have known each other for the longest time too but I think they got closer recently because of all the colabs. She is rumored to be in a relationship with someone else actually :)

      • Rightly said “rumored” . That’s what you have when popular guys and dolls are in a project together. :) They are good friends. PSH had male cousins and brother as friends growing up so she is comfortable around all her male friends too………most of them very well known.

    • @crazyajummafan~ Nah, Shinhye’s just a sweet girl. So i hope people don’t think that. She does a music show for MBC and though she doesn’t tweet regularly, she’s supposedly known to tweet about projects that involve her friends and people she’s worked with and likes, including guys and girls.

      She also tweeted about 1N2D before when Seunggi was on and how she was watching the show and laughing, though she didn’t name him directly. I think maybe she mentioned Na PD?

      So used to seeing Seunggi work with peers or older women by a few years, girls younger than him he’s worked with (Kim Yuna, Park Shinhye)~~~ he seems to treat them more like younger sisters, than anything else. Can’t wait for RM ep 2!.

    • The first project of Shinhye and Lsg is in Inkigayo 2004 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdSQeLf6VME

  2. She frequently works with seunggi! I mean their frequent collaboaration, it’s rare in korean ent!

  3. Not surprised at all. She has always been a good, loyal friend and always vocal in standing by them………… FTisland and CNBlue.
    LSG would say at this point, “Because you are my friend”. :)
    Listening to music is PSH’s favorite pastime. Having sung and recently written lyrics for her own song, should be really appreciative of the effort that goes into producing an album like this.

  4. Totally with you on You’re Beautiful, and it’s not for want of trying! But I dig PSH now. Such a cute, pretty girl. And her brave game face in that flying chair segment. Confirms yet again that they all work so hard to achieve what they have today.

    • I think you may like ” Don’t worry, I am a ghost”. Please watch it whenever you have sometime on hand.
      Yes, their popularity and respect was earned by them by sheer hard work, going that extra mile, abundance of talent and by being wonderful human beings……that too at such young ages.

  5. the BTS pics look like it could be stills from a drama…they would be a cute onscreen pair and I like PSH better than Yoona (or any girl actually…sorry to SNSD fans).
    And was it bad of me to be so happy when their RM ep beat 1n2d’s ratings…mwhahah.

  6. I first watched PSH in ” Tree of Heaven” and I thought she was a star in the making. Really loved her in the drama. But she didn’t really become very popular until she acted in You’re beautiful. I really hope she gets to act with Seung Gi in a drama one day, a musical will be great !! Something like mama mia or grease ?

  7. They look good together. Cute couple! I like both of them but love seung gi much! 사랑해 승기!

  8. Did not see the scenes depicted in the last three pics. Was it edited?
    I like their interaction so it would have been nice to have seen it in RM.
    @ fave. Any drama together would be good but musical, romantic comedy would be great. :)

    • Nope, I didn’t see it either. Typical SBS promotion style… trying to give off the look of lovelines. (which almost always backfires for SBS!)

      yeah, wanted to see more of Seunggi and Shinhye together in part 2 since they were both guests. but the editing of the ep in general seemed a bit sloppy, and the ending in particular, wrapped up in a flash. the group/member interactions worked great in part 1, they didn’t do as much of that in part 2. leaving people on their own too much is just not as fun. it worked for part 1 since they were introducing the guests.

      seeing shinhye on running man (haven’t seen her anything else), and her natural interactions with Seunggi, definitely made me like her and be more interested in her. there was some early rumoring and support for Shinhye for the female role in Seunggi’s upcoming Gu Family Book; that is, rather than Suzy. but looks like there wasn’t much to that since she’s doing a cable drama.

      • Yes, the editing leaves a lot to be desired. They had more time to do a proper job for this episode. They wasted having them guesting in the same episode. I don’t know about the authencity of the comment someone made, about the RM members teasing them, having something to do with the said scene being edited. The ending too was shoddily edited.

        Regarding PSH, I am biased about her but still I would recommend the following:
        Don’t worry I am a ghost……..one episode special play.
        You’re beautiful…….where it all started and continued to…….heartstrings. For me, they were therapeutic so will always be special for me. YB was over the top exaggerated but unique, light drama with tortured hero and the rest of the casts with wonderful characterization and relationships. HS should be watched in context of it being for the youth experiencing first loves in a way that was fresh, the heart smiles as it recalls. Music is exceptional and brilliant in both dramas. PSH gave her own uniqueness to the roles that will not remind you of any other. I feel she owned them.
        Tree of Heaven……beautifully sad with haunting lovely songs to be watched only when you are ready to cry…..I did not regret it.
        Beyond everything she is a wonderful human being and so talented.
        Sorry, after repeated editing this is as short as it gets. :)

        I still have not given up hope of seeing them in a drama before he enlists for army duty. He did say that he would like to get at least two projects done before that.

      • me too… as a couple onscreen… i would love to see them act together! i would die happy :3 they’re such good actors! well… i’m not hoping them to be a couple in real life though… (no offense PSHxLSG fans ><)

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