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[Preview 2] Running Man ‘007’ does SKYFALL water plunge

* Free LIVE STREAM ongoing at SBS TV – Running Man, 6pm KST *

(video: bsh5493)

@0:20~ Ha ha ha. cue Adele’s soundtrack to the new Bond film, SKYFALL~~~!!!
♫ ♪ Let the skyfall… When it crumbles…  We will stand tall ♫ ♪
Aw, Jaesuk, Kwangsoo, Seunggi version of 007’s Skyfall water plunge.

Yup, similar to Skyfall 007 Bond water plunge @1:22~~ LOLs.  Loves Daniel Craig!

(video: theBTFabian)

Please give us at least a tiny bit of 007 Seunggi coolness on Running Man~~~

At least, give us this water plunge verson of Seunggi on Running Man please~~!!!!!

More preview cuts…

(video: SuperBluerose7)

Images: DCLSG

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