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Running Man members + CF model Seunggi for Kolon Sport

Another reason to love Seunggi on Running Man… LSG sporting his CF endorsement brand Kolon Sport in real outdoor variety again, with the other RM members.  Great to see him back in colorful puffy winter down jackets on variety!  More behind the scenes at Kolon  Sport blog – Lee Seunggi Running Man:  Discover Kolon Sport “Hestia.”

Aw Jaesuk and Seunggi with a fan~~~ who’s really loving the Nation’s MC!

Ha, I’m surprised SBS (notorious for obsessing and overly relying on lovelines in variety shows) didn’t include this part of the opening intro in the final cut!  I’m glad they left it out.  Ha Jaesuk, Jongkook and Sukjin in particular look like they are having way too much fun teasing~~~

Kolon Sport Hestia with Seunggi~~~

Kolon Sport endorsement models Seunggi and Mijung~~~

Images: As labeled, Naver, DCLSG

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One Response

  1. hahaha.. Ann, me too im loving how Seunggi sporting those kolon outdoor jackets.. and seriously i love him in red puffy winter down jackets matching it with those elite nike sneakers.. Im soo loving it that im crazily searching now for those sneakers in store, but i couldn’t find one:( Looking forward for tonight’s episode.

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