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Running Man with Lee Seunggi & Park Shinhye – 2nd highest tv ratings for the show, joins exclusive 20%+ list

(video: mantelista7)

Lee Seunggi and Park Shinhye’s guest appearance on SBS Running Man broadcast on November 18, 2012 resulted in the show’s second highest tv ratings at 20.7% (AGB Nielsen).  The Running Man episode also beat out super popular KBS Gag Concert (20.4%), which broadcasts in a different time slot on the same day, but consistently has been the top tv rated variety show.  Seunggi and Shinhye’s guest appearance is being broadcast over two episodes, with part 2 airing on November 25.

The November 18, 2012 episode was only 0.02% points behind Running Man’s highest rated episode (20.9%), which aired the previous week.

Enewsworld: [Ratings: Sat, 11.17.12 & Sun, 11.18.12] ‘K-Pop Star 2’ Begins, Lee Seung Gi Plays Dirty on ‘Running Man’

Running Man has enjoyed notable popularity and strong viewership this year, but the 20% ratings list is a special group, with only 5 episodes so far:

1) 20.9% – Nov. 11 (Athletes Ryu Hyunshin, Choo Shinsoo; Actress Jin Seyun)
2) 20.7% – Nov. 18 (Actors Lee Seunggi, Park Shinhye)
3) 20.4% – June 3 (Athlete Park Jisung, Jung Daesae, Leo Ferdinand)
4) 20.2% – July 15 (Actors Yoo Joonsang, Shin Sekyung; Singer No Sayun)
5) 20.1% – Jan. 15 (Actors Ji Jinhee, Kim Sungsoo, Joo Sangwook, Lee Chunhee; IU)

November 18, 2012

Individual show ratings (at same time slot)

Kpop Star [SBS I like Sunday Pt 1] = 14.0% (16.1% last week-Law of Jungle)
Man’s Qualif [KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1] = 8.5% (9.8% last week)
I am a Singer [MBC Our One Night Pt 1] = 5.2% (4.9% last week)

Running Man [SBS I like Sunday Pt 2] = 20.7% (20.9% last week)
1N2D Season 2 [KBS Happy Sunday Pt 2] = 16.7% (20.2% last week)
God of Victory [MBC Our One Night Pt 2] = 2.8%  (4.0% last week)

Combined program ratings

4- SBS I like Sunday = 16.6%/17.8% in Seoul (17.6%/19.2% last week)
6- KBS Happy Sunday = 12.9%/13.2% in Seoul (15.4%/16.5% last week)

*NOTE: Running Man did not air at the same time slot as 1N2D with Seunggi, Jiwon, Hodong, and the other members.  SBS moved Running Man to the part 2 time slot more recently this year.

(sources: AGB Nielsen, Naver)

Prior to Seunggi on Running Man, I’d never seen a full episode, but now I see what the spazzing is about and why the show’s been seeing strong ratings this year.  I’ve already re-watched the Nov 18 episode like 4 times!  I bust out laughing each time through.  And not just at Seunggi, but all the other RM members.  Kwangsoo so HILarious! And I can’t wait to see more of Seunggi-Jaesuk-Kwangsoo next week!

What’s great about this episode is that Seunggi and Shinhye mix in so easily with the other RM members, which says a lot about the two of them.  They didn’t seem like guests, and the show didn’t focus on their life story or promotions directly, but more on the show itself.  I knew Seunggi and Shinhye had worked together on small side projects before, but they had such great natural interaction on the show… it was so refreshing!  Looking forward to more of this~~

Can’t wait to see part 2 next week! LOLs at Seunggi’s voice in the background of the preview~~ “It’s not me! It’s not me!”

(via DCinside, AGB Nielsen)

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6 Responses

  1. I watched the later part streaming (just could not get up at 4 AM!) and liked it. Then I watched it a second time and liked it more! Mind you this was all without subs so I did not understand what they said. Today the Chinese subbed version was out and I watched it laughing all the way.
    It’s strange; this show is kind of a straight game show. I mean very little ‘humanistic’ side to it other than the brief exchanges/interactions members managed to squeeze in. But it withstands repeated viewings so well!
    Of course the most precious of all are the Seung Gi moments. His small talk in the beginning with the PD and the VJ (‘Please be careful with the clothes; they are from the sponsors.’) – hilarious. And then Jaesuk’s all consuming love for Seung Gi and Kwangsoo’s jealousy! Shinhye cowered with Seung Gi like two runaway kids, and her ‘obba! obba!’. Seung Gi’s matter-of-fact, cool killer style’s elimination of Miss Mong!
    Wow! I did not realize I missed the (road) variety Seung Gi this much!!!

  2. isn’t it 16%??

  3. i like PSH when she was holding LSG’s arm… hahahaha

  4. I read somewhere that last Sunday was TVXQ’s concert in Seoul. So it might be make those shows’ratings aired on Sunday decreased a little.

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