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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi’s First Kiss – KBS Entertainment News

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Seunggi’s super sincere sweet message for Park Shinhye’s Philippines fan meet!

This is WHY Lee Seunggi is seriously the REAL effin deal!  LSG msg starts @1:13…

(video: cordanz dane)

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Running Man Ep 121: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.25]

Better late than never…  Part 2 of the live-stream tweets during Running Man ep 121.   I’ve watched this 2-episode Running Man sooooooo many times.  One of the best eps ever!  Made me a total fan of Running Man.  Love the show!  Seunggi and Jaesuk, Seunggi and Gary, Seunggi and Haha, Seunggi and Jongkook~~~  Seunggi bromances are always the bestest!  But loved Seunggi and Shinhye as guests too!

And since Shinhye mentioned Seunggi at her fan meeting in the Philippines today~~  Her best partners: #3 Seunggi (Did MV and MC’d together).  She wants to work with him in a drama. (#2 Yonghwa, #1 Geunsuk).  Give us Seunggi and Shinhye in Kdrama together~~!!!!  Love Shinhye for always showing lotsa respect and love for Seunggi!!!

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Running Man Ep 120: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.18]

Special occasion – Seunggi on Running Man, something I’ve been dying to to see ever since 1N2D ended – so I couldn’t miss out on the live-stream.  Just like those 1N2D days of all of us online streaming the show real-time and spazzing over LSG cuts afterward!  Here’s a recap compilation of @LSGfan’s live-stream tweets during Running Man Ep 120 (part 1), with screencaps and gifs to make it more fun!  It’s focused on my bias~~~ Seunggi and Red Team!  Omg, I watched this episode like 5 times over 2 days!  Laughed so hard!  Seunggi IS just simply so awesome~~!!  Hilarious. Cute. Witty. Real.  Just makes us all automatically smile and laugh along…

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Park ShinHye listening to Seunggi’s album non-stop repeat

I never really knew much about Shinhye…  (I’m one of few who did not watch You’re Beautiful, and still am not drawn to it even now)… but ever since Seunggi started working with her on some side projects, I can’t help but to like her.  Plus, she’s so sweet to Seunggi, how can you not like her?!  And after this tweet from her about Seunggi’s album, like her even more!  Can’t wait to see Running Man episode 2 on Sunday~~!!!  Even more anticipating after these preview stills released by SBS…

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Running Man with Lee Seunggi & Park Shinhye – 2nd highest tv ratings for the show, joins exclusive 20%+ list

(video: mantelista7)

Lee Seunggi and Park Shinhye’s guest appearance on SBS Running Man broadcast on November 18, 2012 resulted in the show’s second highest tv ratings at 20.7% (AGB Nielsen).  The Running Man episode also beat out super popular KBS Gag Concert (20.4%), which broadcasts in a different time slot on the same day, but consistently has been the top tv rated variety show.  Seunggi and Shinhye’s guest appearance is being broadcast over two episodes, with part 2 airing on November 25.

The November 18, 2012 episode was only 0.02% points behind Running Man’s highest rated episode (20.9%), which aired the previous week.

Enewsworld: [Ratings: Sat, 11.17.12 & Sun, 11.18.12] ‘K-Pop Star 2’ Begins, Lee Seung Gi Plays Dirty on ‘Running Man’

Running Man has enjoyed notable popularity and strong viewership this year, but the 20% ratings list is a special group, with only 5 episodes so far:

1) 20.9% – Nov. 11 (Athletes Ryu Hyunshin, Choo Shinsoo; Actress Jin Seyun)
2) 20.7% – Nov. 18 (Actors Lee Seunggi, Park Shinhye)
3) 20.4% – June 3 (Athlete Park Jisung, Jung Daesae, Leo Ferdinand)
4) 20.2% – July 15 (Actors Yoo Joonsang, Shin Sekyung; Singer No Sayun)
5) 20.1% – Jan. 15 (Actors Ji Jinhee, Kim Sungsoo, Joo Sangwook, Lee Chunhee; IU)

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[Preview 2] Running Man ‘007’ does SKYFALL water plunge

* Free LIVE STREAM ongoing at SBS TV – Running Man, 6pm KST *

(video: bsh5493)

@0:20~ Ha ha ha. cue Adele’s soundtrack to the new Bond film, SKYFALL~~~!!!
♫ ♪ Let the skyfall… When it crumbles…  We will stand tall ♫ ♪
Aw, Jaesuk, Kwangsoo, Seunggi version of 007’s Skyfall water plunge.

Yup, similar to Skyfall 007 Bond water plunge @1:22~~ LOLs.  Loves Daniel Craig!

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