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[Preview] Running Man 007 in Seoul: Return of ‘Nation’s Heodang’ Lee Seunggi

(video: SuperBluerose7)

Hahahah, at the end, the preview ends with Seunggi saying:

“Wha~~~  Seriously~~~!”

Please let Seunggi win the 007 honor~~~~!!!!!!!  Hahaha.

But it’s the return of Nation’s Heodang~~~~

so maybe not??!!~~~~

My 007 hunch says…

It’s one of the guys NOT in the official SBS group photo below~~~~?!?!?!?!

BTS fan photos~~~~

captured 2 certain guys together…

Aw, Gary~~~~  as much as I love super awesome talented Leesang…

I’d be uber happy if our Seunggi won~~~~!!!!!!

but why do I have an uneasy feeling that heodang-ness got in the way~~~~

Can’t wait to be live-streaming Running Man on Sunday 6:10pm!

Click over to Official SBS Running Man – Photos 1 and Photos 2

Just like the old Strong Heart days when we’d wait for MC Seunggi preview photos!

Hmmmm, did the Running Man production crew like Seunggi’s Zipel CF too??!!

(video: leeseunggi01)

Images: DCLSG, SBS, LSGfan

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6 Responses

  1. where you can live-streaming RM?? thanks if you can post the link :)

  2. This is so great! Love all the moments in the promos. But especially the unexpected ones, like when they finished the water gun fight and all three sat in the cab drenched and exhausted, no word, only Seung Gi’s (and the other guy’s) heavy sighs…Perfect comic timing!

  3. Heodang!!!
    I miss You!!!
    *I’m sorry for being annoying here, still in withdrawal and DONT know when it’ll end T___T

  4. @reglest~~ Awww, your recent comments have been a little pensive?? Missing LSG after spending up-close time with him at Indonesia fanmeet??!!

    @AnnMichelle~~ I’m super excited to see LSG on RM. but to be honest, this will be one of my first times watching a full epi of RM! haha. Watched last week’s full epi to see what the show is really about! I only watched 1n2d before. to ME, LSG’s appearance is only about him on running man, and promoting his upcoming mini-album; and has nothing to do with any other show or anything else that other people and press want to focus on. Can’t wait to see him with MC Yoo and the other guys on RM!

    @AIreN~~ Going to stream from one of these sites (selecting SBS), but I’m sure our amazing Tryp96 will have all the details about streaming Running Man up soon enough on her blog! (Love ya Tryp!)


  5. thanks LSGfan! yeap our lovely tryp96 have already post the link, i’ll try my hardest to stay awake or to wake up at 4 am to watch it live!

  6. lee seung gi is the best! :)..I watched “running man” …only for oppa Seung Gi ♥

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