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Seunggi – MC Yoo – Kwangsoo for Running Man red team!

Red Team~~!!  Anticipating major bromance reunion… MC Yoo and Seunggi!

He’s already got his game face on.  But he is still the true, original Heodang…  this should be fun!  Can’t wait to watch Running Man real-time next week…

And it looks like they’re all in Seunggi’s endorsement brand, Kolon Sport?!

Yellow team…

Jongkook, Shinhye, Haha

Blue Team…

Sukjin, Jihyo, Gary

Since Seunggi loves and respects variety, I’m super happy his return, as a guest, will be with all familiar faces!

Especially, MC Yoo, Jongkook, Haha going all the way back to Xman days!

And the ladies, Shinhye and Jihyo, he’s MC’d big events with each of them.

And Gary, Kwangsoo, Sukjin were guests on Strong Heart when Seunggi was MC.

Huhuhu.  Really miss the Nation’s best MC variety combo…  but that’s okay…  Welcome back to Nation’s MC Kang Hodong~~~ we missed your roaring laugh!

Hope the filming today felt something like this…

Images: DCLSG

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5 Responses

  1. OMO YA!! That’s what I said saw your post few hours ago, he (seemly) appeared as courier didn’t he? Hahaha
    And yes, you are sooo right about ‘his game face’ saw that competitive eyes in the 2nd picture.

    Now, with all group has their ace, (Red: Seung Gi, Yellow: Jong Kook, Blue: Ji Hyo)I want Seung Gi win!!

    What’s wondering me, he has schedule at 7 for Zipel, but the PD said the record will be for two weeks! So…this mean it’s freakingly hilarious!(I hope so)
    Can’t wait for 18th November!! Come on!!

    • They’re gonna squeeze everything they can get from seunggi, so ofcourse its two weeks. heck, i think two weeks is not even enough to cover seunggi’s absence from variety huhu everyone lurve n misses the guy <3 <3 <3

  2. please don’t watch 1n2d..
    we must help LSG to gain rating in running man!!!

  3. Seung Gi continue shooting for Running Man after the fan meeting

  4. Can’t wait for Seung Gi’s appearance on RM ! I do miss watching him in variety shows, hence have been replaying the old episodes of 1N2D time and again. Seung Gi and RM fighting !!

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