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[Photo Stills + Article] Running Man Ep 229 Preview – Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon Couple Mission and Backhug

omg Seunggi and Chaewon!!! Running Man needs to air ALL footage for this scene!  And they better broadcast the stuff as outlined below in the preview… #CantWait

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[Photo Stills] Running Man Ep 228 Preview – ‘2015 New Year Special’ Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon

It’s that time of the year again. Post 1n2d, Seunggi’s annual appearance on Running Man which usually happens in the fall/winter.  This time to promote movie ‘Love Forecast.’ Something tells me Seunggi played a big part in Chaewon doing the show since she’s typically scared to go on variety programs.  Hope the promotion of the actual movie doesn’t get lost in the episode lol. Photo stills from upcoming January 4, 2015 Running Man Ep. 228 “New Year Special, Guy and Girl In Love/Dating.”

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[ENG] 2014.12.28 Running Man Ep 228 Preview – ‘2015 New Year Special’ Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon

English translation of the preview for 2015’s first episode of Running Man #CantWait

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Running Man bromance – Lee Seung Gi & Lee Kwang Soo

November 18, 2013.  Filming of Running Man Ep 174.  Seunggi can have AMAZING chemistry with ANYONE, even inanimate things like a rice cooker!  Because he knows how to bring out the best in the other person and naturally make those around him shine.  Just love him more every time.  And loved Seunggi-Kwangsoo together.  I think Kwangsoo secretly loved it every time Seunggi called out to him~ Hyung or Leader!  hehe.  He and Kwangsoo are such polar opposite personalities~~ Kwangsoo SO hyper and always over-the-top.  Makes for great combo with the easily excitable but funny-without-trying-to-be-funny heodang Seunggi.  More fanpics from the filming…

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Running Man – Lee Seung Gi so cute in green winter hat

November 18, 2013.  Filming of Running Man Ep 174.  Everyone outfitted in Seunggi’s Firstlook outdoor orange jackets.  Green winter hat for Seunggi, looking so cute!!!  Closest color to Airens pearlmint~?!  Some great fanpics~~ Love these.

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[ENG] Running Man Ep 174 preview – Lee Seung Gi, Han Hye Jin, Sistar’s Bora

English translation of the preview…

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Lee Seung Gi caught filming for Running Man

Lee Seung Gi caught filming Running Man
November 19, 2013 – Good Morning Entertainment

Yesterday, news and photos from the filming of Running Man were trending real-time online.  The star in the yellow jumper jacket and green knit cap is precisely Lee Seunggi.  He is shown on a mission with Lee Kwangsoo.  The other star filming together is Han Hyejin.  Members participated in a ‘fierce race’ in Seoul.  In particular, Lee Seung Gi was variety boss in his last appearance on Running Man, gaining top honors by beating out the other members (during part 1).  Whether he can come out on top again this time around is gaining a lot of interest.

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

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