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Seunggi sharing happiness in 2011 public service Lottery CF

How come I completely melt(!) when this particular Seunggi shows up?!  No wonder the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance Lottery Commission appointed Seunggi to a second year as honorary ambassador for their campaign!  Loved last year’s Lottery CF, and this year’s CF is SO touching too!  Check out what Seunggi is saying…

2011 public service campaign Lottery CF, English translation

[Supporting affordable homes for low-income persons]
A new home has come about for a homeless family.

[Aiding education for children being raised by single parents]
My child was able to concentrate fully on her studies.

[Sharing culture with disadvantaged children]
Children living under difficult circumstances enjoyed an awesome performance.

[Supporting multicultural families]
A mother who had always been shy came to appreciate Korean culture.

[Every time you purchase a lottery ticket, the money is being used to preciously support our neighborhoods]. Although the purchase you made was only one lottery ticket, the happiness being shared from that one lottery ticket returns back to all of us. The lottery is sharing happiness.

Video: leeseunggi01;  English: LSGfan

THE smile and voice narration are UNmatched!~ And Hankook Ilbo was there on the site of the CF filming… AGAIN!  I always love these fun CF photo features.  They’ve been there for a lot of Seunggi’s CF filmings, like Pizza Hut refreshing date and Zipel charming guy BTS – I loved both but again, something about public service Seunggi~~

Behind the Scenes
Lee Seung Gi’s “neighborly love” community service

Sharing Happiness prince even does a good job washing clothes

Source:  LSGfan via Hankook Ilbo

May, the month for families, has already passed.  Although Children’s Day, Parents Day, and other days where families gather together have come and gone, the way to keep those important values in place.

Having appeared as an ambassador for sharing happiness in a recent public service campaign, singer-actor Lee Seung Gi and members of the Sharing Happiness Volunteer Corps, affiliated with Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance Lottery Commission, visited a community welfare center in Seoul and participated in various service activities.  And Hankook Ilbo Sports was there and got a behind-the-scenes peek.

► I am an expert at washing clothes
Lee Seung Gi was very adept at washing clothes, to the degree that staff who had experience washing clothes were astonished.  The key being that he had become used to washing clothes while participating in various service activities.

I was a substitute teacher for the day
Playing the role of a substitute teacher in the public service campaign, Lee Seung Gi showed great enthusiasm by actually preparing a real lesson and topic for the class.  Having had Lee Seung Gi and his heartwarming smile as their teacher for the day, the students must have felt as if they had won the lottery.

I am a dad!  A genuine dad’s smile!
It’s been rumored that there was a lot of stiff competition among the child models as the concept for Lee Seung Gi’s public service campaign CF became known.  Connecting with people of all ages is Lee Seung Gi’s charm, and a dad-like smile is his secret.

In actuality, I’m a high-position person~!
Prior to the CF filming, having been appointed as the leader for the 4th annual Sharing Happiness Volunteers Corps, Lee Seung Gi posed for photographs with Deputy Minister for Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance Ryu Sung Gul.

Ah-buh-neem (polite from of “father” used to address much older male adults), my massage was excellent, right?
It was said that on this day, Lee Seung Gi shared a special massage method passed down through generations in his family while providing massages for the elderly.  Lee Seung Gi’s signature massage, and the touch of his hands, could just make people melt?!

Anybody else want Seunggi to show up instead of your professor?

Or for the mommies out there, as substitute teacher in your kid’s class?!

Or better yet, who wants the Seunggi special LEE family secret back massage?!

*Faint!* and *Melt!*

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3 Responses

  1. First time to comment. If he was my teacher I’ll prob faint! And with back massage I will faint!

    Thanks so much for all your english translations. As a fan I appreciate it always! I love these photos and cf!

  2. Love Love

  3. I personally want him to be the dad of my kids. Is that possible? *hides from other fans*

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