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Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung talks exchanging Seunggi’s wallet present on Strong Heart, later apologizes on twitter!

I didn’t know much about Kang Min Kyung, but wanted to see her and Seunggi finally duet “Just Like the First Time” at least once live, since I really love the song…

But after seeing this May 31st Strong Heart episode, I find her so annoying!  Like, how do you sit there and call someone SUNBAENIM like that and then so rudely talk about how you thought the wallet was old-person feel, too brandname logo’d, and how you exchanged it for something you really like now?!  That’s supposed to be funny?!

Ok, as a fellow fashion girl, I totally get her.  I usually don’t like brandname stuff with big logos all over it either.  Most girls don’t, precisely because it is too in-your-face, which is not what you want to go for.  So I understand how she felt, especially since he included a gift receipt, which is usually a signal that you can feel free to exchange the item.  And it’s very possible, this whole scenario was somewhat scripted…

BUT, it’s how she talked about the gift.  And even if you thought the manager bought it, the fact that it was a gift from Seunggi, who is your sunbaenim, you could’ve at least talked about the wallet not being your style and exchanging it without dissing his personal selection choice.

But, afterwards I felt bad for her because Korean netizens were totally mean and I can only imagine how terrible she felt.  She should’ve really known better than to diss the sincerity of Korea’s beloved Lee Seunggi! Because he (sunbaenim!) took it all in stride and laughed it off, it made her comments seem even more rude!  Not sure if other guys would’ve responded the same way! (Definitely not Heechul!)

I figured we’d get a public apology soon enough, especially since it was looking like she could easily go from being like the girl-next-door to being public enemy #1.  So I’m glad she finally took to twitter to apologize.  Although I’m not sure how much her tweet helped in dispelling how she acted on Strong Heart and her image!

I apologize! If I knew that Sunbaenim [Seunggi] had personally selected [the wallet]… My fault, I’m stupid, a variety dummy… It’s hard… I was trying to be funny ㅠㅜ Stupid Stupid… At times like this, I will work harder in album preparations!!! I’ll meet you through good music!

Twitter@iamkmk (English: LSGfan)

And aw…. on Seunggi usually personally selecting gifts for people.  A lot of people were saying they would’ve been happy to receive a gift from Seunggi, even if they thought it was from his manager!  But to be fair to Kang Min Kyung, Seunggi’s style isn’t usually haute couture stuff!  That’s why he has (crazy) Cody!

And, I’ve changed my mind.  Not interested in seeing Seunggi sing his song together with Kang Min Kyung!  I’m fine with him just using his lip-synching back-up dancer…

Just like the first time [Summer 2010]

And I really liked Seunggi’s black sweater!  Especially the cut-out parts!
Actually, I have a very similar black sweater/cardigan and I love it!

(Images: SBS, Korean Press/LSGfan, As indicated;  Video: leeseunggi01)

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13 Responses

  1. Exactly like you said, a gift is a gift. There is no excuse whatsoever to nitpick it in front of the giver and the public in general. She really had no idea what she was up against. Some netizens even hate her apology, saying it’s a thinly veiled album promotion!

    I love the sweater too! It’s fit and the cut outs add visual interest and enliven the black color.

  2. That scene totally reminded me of Eun Ji-won and the girl who was his partner in Inkigayo years ago. It was a Strong Heart episode, too. She was dissing him for changing phone numbers without telling her when they’re supposed to be close and all. And being a tattletale for saying that Ji-won liked Family Outing more than 1N2D. Thinking it’s funny to diss someone for the sake of being entertaining. You’re not even in Gag Concert, girl. Hahaha!

    Ad Heechul would have raised his diva eyebrows at her and stared her down until she melts with humiliation. And really, saying sorry, then writing about your album? Oooooo-key. Anyway, I don’t like her. But I love their song.

    Oooh, check out this cute GIF of Seung-gi: http://varietyjongshin.tumblr.com/post/6063080810/lee-seung-gi-if-you-keep-doing-that-i-will-be

  3. I think KMK-LSG epi is WAY worse than the Jiwon-Heo Yi Jae ep. B/c this was a personal diss of someone’s gift, and at that beloved Lee Seunggi! I think lots of people feel differently about KMK after this ep, not hate or anti, but not as positive; and for people who didn’t really know her, this doesn’t help. also, her her tweet apology (?) sort of didn’t help at all!

    Also, can someone who’s a Heechul fan please tell me kwhat makes him so appealing? I don’t have any bad feelings about him but he talks about his good looks and all his various talents all the time when he appears on tv, and I don’t see it and get what’s appealing about that. Also, he was talking about how can brag about himself and everyone loves it… but i’m not sure who he’s talking about? overseas fans? B/c koreans in general don’t consider that type of personality “ho-gam!” (Leeteuk, whom I think is so sweet, has said regularly that Super Junior is way popular outside of Korean than in Korean itself)

  4. i understand kang min kyung’s intentions but she really had a bad luck that day that in mentioning seunggi’s old fashion-ness. she really needs to learn alot in variety. everything was atleast acceptable for me until she mentioned seunggi’s preference. like it’s too personal.

    and about kim heechul. aside from his good looks. i think kim heechul can be really really funny. and can be honest and just straight to the point with lesser pretentions(crushing on sohee, recently admitted he had a 2010 gf and etc). he can be weird, be nice, be/say whatever he wants lol. and he loves his fans. lol! ^^ also he gives alot of fan service(gee dancing and all the crazy stuff he does in other variety shows he’s in). Heechul might be really annoying sometimes but that’s what unique about him.

  5. I like Heechul but Siwon is best looking and also did good job acting and was good on Strong Heart when he came on.

    I think kang minkyung isn’t a mean person so too bad for her. But it’s kinda commonsense even if she’s not good at variety! MC Seunggi was very nice.

  6. I think people outside Korea likes Heechul’s attitude because he is very frank. People sometimes think Korean idols, especially the male ones, are very disciplined. There is that one blacksheep for each group that people just adore because of the badass ‘tude. And for a big group as Super Junior, Heechul stands out with his frankness which just about borders being a diva. Hahahaha! As for Lee Teuk, he is actually my favorite because as far as leaders go, I think he’s the sweetest. Compared to G-Dragon who seems to be standoffish, he’s more approachable. =)

  7. Hi just wanna ask where do you get your screen recap photos? I really wanna know since it has English subs in them and I would want to watch strong heart with subs but I don’t where to watch it.Thanx in advance

    • I do all the screencaps with English subs posted on LSGfan. I usually take press images and simply type in the Eng captions.

      There was an awesome team that used to sub Strong Hearts but they’ve stopped doing it, esp after SBS cracked down on youtube. so unfortunately, no one’s really subbing entire eps regularly anymore; it’s pretty hard to sub too b/c so much context stuff.

  8. oh that’s a shame. Two tsk two sbs should have an English channel like kbs so that international fans like us could get to enjoy the shows too. Thanx for the reply anyways.

  9. If it’s a SNSD saying such things people would say “O they’re being so truthful and frank! Cute” But since KMK is KMK she got all the sticks for saying that. I love both SNSD and Davichi but I’m just so tired of those overreacting fans. KMK may be a bit silly in saying that in public, which certainly is not the best thing to do, but obviously she’s not meant to be rude or anything close. She’s just speaking (and Seunggi is reacting) like how very good friends would speak (and react). It’s just that a variety show is the wrong circumstances to say so.

  10. i just wanted to say that from following davichi recently iv noticed that KMK seems to have that mischievous playful kind of personality and that since she was somewhat close to LSG she was able to say those things. I dont think she would say that to someone she barely knew. Just a perspective i thot id throw out there. =] Davichi fighting!

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